Instructions for Dancing

Thursday June 22, 2006

we’ll just laugh along

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  • squee.
  • Had this song in my head for days.
  • Chocolate mousse from last night has come out beautifully.
  • Just heard almost all of Tchaik's 6th on Radio 3, the 'big project' of last year's autumn CBYSO week. I had my first kiss listening to (well, hearing) that music – I'd take a guess at partway through the second movement. Strange memories. It also reminds me how much I want to get in today.
  • played my pieces through this morning, and they sounded really good.
  • played Vivaldi's four violin concerto through at lunchtime with Sam and Hannah and Mrs B taking the other parts, and it was awesome. we're probably/hopefully doing it next year rather than carrying on with octette.
  • was let off my music lesson because I'd already handed in the lesson's work for homework and Dr Bean didn't have any problems with it. spent the time reading Suetonius instead. <3
  • now I want to learn to play the piano.
  • NB: Cadenza. Smile. Ring. Vibrato like a crazed seizurey person.
  • happy birthday, Jules. wherever you are.

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