Instructions for Dancing

Tuesday June 27, 2006

to hum through the hours

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  • violin practice
  • write out Medea transl/finish Ovid transl (+ scan?)
  • record/watch Lost – 10pm
  • …shower
  • sort AS Greek books for returning

OK Go was deeply good last night, as were WCA. The other support Zil were good too, though the frontman was a “cocky bastard”. But still, catchy. The practical downsides from last night are that I am suffering from enforced tired-but-perky, as unless I convince Mutter that I’m really alright then I won’t be let out to see Newcell on Wednesday; and the other is that the only pair of jeans I own now stink of cigarette smoke and had to be worn to school today for Prefect Training. Hair too, but I think that faded overnight. I don’t smoke, honest.

Prefect Training was really good, surprisingly. And mostly fun too, despite being forced into things like a roleplay with Mrs Pirie Julia in which I was trying to convince her to take part in house hockey tomorrow as she was a really essential part of the team. I think the only way I managed to convince her was by promising to print out her coursework on my computer. Also, I sat on her imaginery friend. How was I to know Julia was talking to her friend sitting on the chair next to her and not just muttering into the middle distance.

Tent erecting on the quad was rather fun too. We would’ve won if it weren’t for the cheaty cheats on the other team hiding some of our vital tentbits in the hedge. The teams were amusingly bitter and unfriendly to each other at the following session. It was a tentpole!

But anyway. B had an OK Go album in his car just randomly when he came round, and he lent. Hooray for people with similar taste. Hopefully he’ll be staying around for a bit, it’ll be good for Sam to have company.

I just deleted something because I can’t find any proper way of saying it. You can live with dignity, you can’t die with it. I hate that he’s right, and I’m hoping it’s not… I don’t know what. What does it matter.

I don’t really know anything, right now.

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