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Wednesday June 28, 2006

while you’re chasing ghosts

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…wtf. Prefect training was yesterday? Feels a week ago, at least.

Sarah Bettens – Grey

Possibly shared that a while back. I can’t remember.

Newcell: congrats. Despite many, many setbacks, you pulled it together, and even if all the emo kids didn’t like it, us lot at the back did. Stupid time/venue-changes meant that all was confusion and I was the only nonparent there for any of the set at all. What an adventure. First I was leaving at 5:30 for the Attik, then it was 7:45 for the Shed, then it was 8:15 for the Shed, with Newcell set to be playing at around 9:50… and when I got there at 8:50, they were halfway through their set already. Fail, Shed. Anyway, most things seemed to go well anyway, and Induction and Bullet Time were particularly good. Hopefully there’ll be another chance to support soon.

I also got (re)introduced to Nhoj’s and Christian‘s mums, who recognised me from Grace Dieu days. I recognised Christian‘s mum with a bit of squinting. She even regaled me with previously-repressed memories of the time that I was Mary and Chris was Joseph in the school nativity. God, I’d completely forgotten that.

Stayed for some of the next emo band – ‘not particularly good’, if we’re being generous, though if they actually used the lyric that Nikko thought he heard (“I don’t know, I never clean them” – or something like that) then they plummet upwards in my estimation. But I don’t think they did. Somebody somewhere needs to use that. Please.

Also passed around the photos of Saturday-before-last, when we all sat around in a Leicester park making those daisychains. There are some fantastic pictures in there – and whatever happens for the rest of the summer months, and whether we all meet up again like that or not, we had that one afternoon when everything was perfect summer. Looking at them, they feel just it should. The summer that felt like it started with Ed, Nikko and me sitting out on the patio in front of my conservatory eating pizza, that evening we went to Junktion 7. It’s good to have photos of things like that.

Kate’s successfully tempting me towards the music awards scheme at Cambridge. It doesn’t look like much of a time committment, and it’s a chance to play with a really high-quality ensemble for perhaps one concert a term – and a bit of professional ensemble tutoring in the meantime. It’d definitely open up the way for professional music, if I wanted to keep that option open. I’m thinking I would.

What else of today? That I feel very, very lucky with what I have now. That I’ve had angst and I’ve hurt, deeply – myself and other people – but, once the floodgates opened, as it were, I’ve never been unsure of what I want. Who I want. Now more than ever, I call that a blessing.

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