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Thursday June 29, 2006

into the night, deep in moonshine

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Just finished watching Greys (squee) and House (omgwtf squee) and off for a shower and then bed. Recorded both for Nikko since he was out at the Bristol open day and thusly missed them – Lou, if you need to borrow too, you’ll be welcome to.

School was scarily quiet today… with the number of girls open-daying at either Oxford or Bristol, and all the others girls who were involved in the first-year induction activities… wow. Four in Latin, four in Music, three at ‘octette’ (there was also an LGS theatre studies trip, which diminished numbers still further), and much of my day was spent at a computer arranging some more things for string quartet. Fun fun.

Main thoughts of today: goodness, school really is dull without Lou and Nikko; goodness, Maz really is that unfriendly; mmm, strawberries; pah, the injustice of being mocked for eating the stem. I couldn’t be bothered to fish it out of my mouth, alright.

Choir was amusing, with Lizza going completely high for no apparent reason, and us spending much of our time paging through the hymnbook looking for silly names and giggling in immature ways. I think it all started with the hymn that sounds like “If I had words to make a day for you…”. What a lovely film that is.

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