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Wednesday June 21, 2006

all we had would be all for naught.

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I think msn's angry with me. I wonder whether going and cooking more meringues (white sugar this time, kthx) it'll stop being so demanding in the sniffly "Troubleshoot!" kind of way it has. I think it might.

Had a slight panic during triple Greek because my homework diary took it upon itself to tell me that my audition was next Thursday, not this Thursday. But I checked when I got home and it's definitely tomorrow, which is good. I think. Heck, just so I stop fretting about not being able to play anything when I know I (mostly) can. I need to stop the little mistakes from getting to me and ruining the rest of it, like I realised I was in my lesson today. In other words: Get over it already.

Used the frees from double Music to go over and over my audition stuff, had a fun Latin lesson in which Mr P accidentally referred to Chris as "That", had a funner Greek lesson in which we talked lots of Minoans and Myceneans and art and architecture and gossip, and Mrs B told us that the Latin lesson we had yesterday had been her favourite lesson of the whole year. I agree. It was a good lesson.

Wanting to see OK Go next week as well as going to Newcell on Wednesday and WCA/Morning Thing on the Friday, but my chances of this are not high. Hrrm. Unfortunate that they all fall in the same week.

Nothing much has been happening recently. Calm is good.

Ed, if you actually ate that chocolate rather than handing it over, I will kill you and do disgustingly gory things with your dead body. Actually, I'll let someone else do that. Don't think you can escape my wrath by sending your messages through Crone.

Tuesday June 20, 2006

to my last breath.

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This evening's been good. Finished some Cicero, made some meringues (NB: brown sugar is not half as good as white, and I must not continue using squeezy bags just for the hilarity of it), watched the Sweden-England with Sam and Suuz and B, played some fourway Smash Bros. Good fun, hadn't seen them both properly in too long.

And Susannah's just phoned to ask my mother to check if she'd left a shoe on our drive. Only one, mind. She has, and it's now sitting on our hall floor. Mum said she decided to not ask why.

School was alrighty. Tuesday mornings just aren't the same without Jonny, hopefully we'll get on as well with Sara next year as we did with him. Ended up adminning the Holme Pierrepoint trip with Mrs Kent for the second part of our double. Rather jolly.

Had a chance to play through my audition stuff in one of the big M rooms (I can never remember whether it's 1 or 2 – the one closest to the Walks). It sounded good. It's nice to get that realisation once in a while. When I don't make mistakes, it sounds like something I never imagine sounding like. It sounds like someone good's playing. I think now I need to relearn that I can be good even when I'm not all alone in a room with beautiful acoustics. That's the biggest thing I've lost from not practising.

Spent the majority of lunch sitting on a bench with Nikko, though we also wandered over to check that the workman lying prostrate on the wall next to us wasn't dead. We are caring people, deep down.

This arrived from Amazon, and I've been spam-listening to World I Know and She Said. Though more World I Know, as I'm trying to be quieter for sleeping family. Both are just fantastic. Must resist urge to carress the CD case sitting next to me.

Night, world. And thank you, Frank Lampard, for the spoon.

So I walk up on high / and I step to the edge / to see my world below / And I laugh at myself as the tears roll down / Cause it's the world I know / it's the world I know

Monday June 19, 2006

the answer that could never be found

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Feeling very much like this tonight. Mmm.

Three months. How did that happen? I'd say time flies, but it hasn't really. It's felt like a comfortingly long time. It's when you realise both that you can't live without something, and that you don't have to, that you know just how lucky you are.

Had two lessons today, but a fair deal of chocolate. Good combination. Now time for a nice hot chocolate, and some kind of book, then bed. Goodnight, world.

Sunday June 18, 2006


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A list.

  • clear under bed
  • sort bookshelves
  • deplete To-Read pile
  • return guitar and find other
  • get film developed
  • sort Go tuition email (ngh)
  • find cd rack
  • sort snooker table?
  • cook things

Yesterday was lovely. Had a driving lesson at 2 (gah, Castle Gresley), took a bus into Leics, then wandered with the others until we found a park. Made daisychains, threw my shoes at Chris, nearly trod on a decaying bird, took many photos – I'd love to say they were not of the decaying bird, but I foolishly gave Nikko my camera after he promised not to take one of it and he ran off and took one anyway. So I beat him up. Then we split off from a few people, and walked to a station for more picking up.

Went back to Nikko's for the evening, and once again the time went rather quickly. I think possibly because we spent two hours eating tea. How did that happen? And alright, I didn't see all of that Doctor Who episode, but – wtf. We thought at the time that the writers had definitely been high during the creation of that one. It was Bad.

Need to get that film developed. It will have Good Photos. Trilby <3

Saturday June 17, 2006

there is nothing as lucky

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Saeglopur makes walking up Burton Walks in a morning so much better. Especially considering that I barely dragged myself out of bed this morning, and the only thoughts that got me up were keeping Lou company for the morning and getting to see the new music building's progress.

Did very little in morning except for a PSE lesson and an illegal trip into town, did some Tacitus, found a sandwich, then voyaged off into the unknown territory of Music School with a hard hat and Nikko and Nikko's dad, who is deeply knowledgeable about the whole thing. There were only two hard hats between three, but apparently Nikko's dad's head is very strong. So that's alright.

Music School is absolutely amazing. I can't wait to be in it next year. The design is simply beautiful, and the whole thing is light and airy, and it's got the feel of a place that is just… good to be in. It's going to be so, so much better than the current music rooms, and hopefully they'll make the most of the changes and join the choirs, for one thing. Hopefully they'll use it to encourage music for everyone, rather than just helping the ones who are already interested.

Rest of the day was nothing particularly remarkable. Tricky Cicero trans in Latin, impressive 9-point turn in the bus on the way home due to a blocked road, vigorous violin practice, meringues, racing demons.

Bright Eyes – Easy/Lucky/Free

For old times' sake.

Will be expecting accounts of the play when you two get back.


Thursday June 15, 2006

any way but lightly.

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Just assured my mother I was completely fine. Not sure why, as I don't think I am. Had a headache earlier, but that's gone now. The England game is a complete blur – dozed and woke up whenever there was a shot on goal in the first half as Sam and the crowd made noises, woke properly at halftime, woke again when Crouch scored, woke when Gerrard scored, woke when Sam turned off the tv. Hauled my duvet back up here and tried to sleep again, but failed.

I think I need food. And yet, not.

Perhaps I'm doing that sympathetic-pregnancy thing.


Wednesday June 14, 2006

clutching corners.

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Mmm. Listening to Fray, and reading through my LJ friends page, and generally feeling very contented. Everything feels so good at the moment. I particularly get a kick out of seeing nine different entries on the lyrics comm of songs that I recognise.

I know this couldn't possibly last forever – eventually I might even be given some work – but it feels just fantastic now. It repays all the stresses and fears that happened before and during exams. We all got through, ne.

Something I'd completely forgotten about that I really need to be looking forward to – Dashboard's new album. Considering that Markmissionbrandscar was their last and best, I'm hopeful for some really good stuff on this one. Just as long as they don't do a Lifehouse and get progressively more dull from here on out. Fingers crossed.

This morning had some really interesting lessons. Music and Latin weirdly tied into each other, too – Music was all about how to set words to music, the importance of melismas/syllables, and what can be changed in the rhythm or harmony or melody of a piece of music to emphasise certain words or phrases; then Latin was about the rules of scansion and meter, which included the rather interesting fact that Latin poetry uses both the modern English lang setup of hard and soft syllables and the ancient-Greek setup of long and short syllables. Mr P mentioned those two naturally come into opposition at some points, which is something I'd be interested to see. Do some authors really consider both?

Triple Greek, we did no Greek work at all. Instead we talked about unis, and UCAS, and good background books to read, and the importance of picking a Camb college with both an elderly, unattractive, amusingly-named DoS and a nice colour scarf. We do have a tendancy to deviate slightly in those lessons, but I always come away from them feeling good. Possibly my favourite triple of the week.

Violin lesson was good, but I've lost confidence in my tone since I stopped practising, so Kate's put me back on good ol' tonality exercises. I think it's time to start feeling like a violinist again.

There is a black hair in a hairtie on my desk. Funny.


Tuesday June 13, 2006

in the rain, walking slowly

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It's the perfect time of day
It's the last day of your life
Don't let it drift away
While your heart is still racing
It's the perfect time of day

And you wont feel a thing
And you wont recall anything at all

Perfect Time of Day – Howie Day

Today was… I can hardly remember. What happened today? Lesson by myself with Mrs, fairly interesting music lesson on the importance of scansion in setting poetry to music, triple free (noEnglishyay), then had an early lunch in the classroom with Lou and Mel. Interesting, as Lou and I were trying to wink and Be Alluring as much as possible without her noticing. I think we were both tempted to give her a demonstration of the leg game, but we resisted womanfully.

Obtained two more manga in town – Gorgeous Carat #1 and Furuba #5 – and one for free, due to the Ottaker's collectors card thingum. *glee*

Latin was really interesting today. We did some Catullus, but looked at some different translated versions of the same poem and started to discuss which we thought was best, and why. It brought up fascinating larger questions like whether accuracy of word or feeling was more important; whether we should make the linguistic devices (eg. an outdated or now-cliched simile) exactly the same in both languages or whether we should change the simile in order to emulate the effect that the original simile would have had on a Roman audience.

The feeling of higher understanding was somewhat ruined at the end when I pointed out to Dom that his pen was broken and had turned his lips blue. But not ruined much.

On a music front, I want to transcribe Pachabel's Frolics and Ache For You and possibly PTD as well, and tomorrow I have the first violin lesson I've had in ages, for going through my pieces for next week's CBYSO audition. Practised today for the first time in ages, and felt good to be able to just pick up the instrument and play something beautiful easily. Not playing it for so long has brought that back.

Off to bed for a read and an early night. GC's going to Nikko tomorrow, as I mentioned that it had pretty men whipping each other in the first chapter. It is a delightful manga.

come down now, but we’ll stay

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How the world is changed with music. And rain. It was so violent out of the bus window this morning, perhaps the strongest I’ve ever seen in this country. And it fell on everyone just the same. It made me think of a line from Angels and Demons, but I can only half-remember. I’ll have to steal it off Sam before he goes to bed tonight.

Grandad’s around here at the moment since he was phoned about Nana – she’s been taken ill with shakiness, but as soon as they phoned him and the doctor they stopped. Hopefully it’s not serious – he was planning to go on holiday tomorrow.

And Dad’ll probably be away until next week sometime. He started out from Portsmouth, spent the day in Poole today, and should be sailing on towards Weymouth tomorrow. He’d hoped to get to the Channel Islands, but by the sound of things won’t manage it. Bad conditions, he says. But I think he’s having a good time.

General Studies was actually very entertaining. It involved us making a poster entitled “GM CROPS ARE LOVELY” (ty Chris) and an equally useful session watching Japan getting destroyed in the last ten minutes by Australia (in football, fortunately), in which Mr Webb managed to unintentionally be very ironic. And I used my fan a lot, even though it semi-broke months ago. Thank you, Ev.

Have Thucydides to translate, for Mrs Kent has decided that the time of our edited-for-ease Greek is over. Thus the situation at Pylos was examined in detail, with very little success, and I have another passage to do for next week. I’ll probably end up finishing it tomorrow in my shiny new triple free. Oh, the joys of dropping English. The course for next year looks miserable.

A few more random lj things. Two happinesses, and one lyric.

Sunday June 11, 2006

pray to god he hears you

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Found a number of new comms on lj today… but this one is my favourite. Because it comes up with posts like this, and this, and this. It's nice to get something like that on my friendspage.

Just finishing sorting out my mp3 player (need to put Fray and Feeder on it, among others), then it'll be time for bed. I need sleep to get through tomorrow. Yes.

Xcelerate was quite comforting, in a way. And cycling this evening was nice too. 

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