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Monday July 31, 2006


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So here I am, once again, fighting my way through the interface of this STUPID APPLE COMPUTER in order to check emails and blogs and give moira a push in the right direction, and such things. I’ve only 30 or so lines to do for the next lesson, and I still have about an hour and a half til then. Lou is probably in the private study area attacking her nasty Homeric lang translation, and I think Chris, Ed and Fern and etc are working in their classroom.

Yes, we’ve met yet another Ed. Had I mentioned that? He is very nice, but has been nicknamed The Machine by the rest of his group since he is actually… scarily good at Greek. And everything else. We may be capitalising on that name for our quiz team.

This place is seeming far more normal now that we’ve got used to the workload and got to know some other people. It’s good, and when you all have lots of work to do, it doesn’t seem so tough. And it all gets easier, anyway. I got about 60 lines done yesterday, though that was just me making the most of not having any tutoring sessions. We had them on Saturday, but not Sunday.

I’d ramble on for a bit about the Aristophanes of last night and the Agamemnon on Friday, but it wouldn’t be particularly meaningful for anyone not already here. I noticed one of the younger tutors seemed to have brought her boyfriend here last night to see Lysistrata, and he just did not get it. All these people on stage wiggling around with great big balloons attached to their crotches. The classicists found it hilarious, but any of the uninitiated… not so much. But I got a few photos of Nick Denyer in his Reconciliation costume, whose humour I think is universally apparent.

Really very little to report, as we’ve all just been working. Got up for an early morning run the other day, which was not a bad idea and I crippled my leg in many different places and which now seize violently when I try to walk, but that’s been about the only unusual thing I’ve been up to. Oh, and we walked into Blandford and back the day of the costume party. Saturday evening? Seems like a long, long time ago.

I think the other main excitement of this coming week is Chris, Ed and any other male with a great enough lack of shame preparing to sing Gay Bar to one of the kitchen staff tomorrow lunchtime. He kept asking random people to sing him songs before he would serve them food, and Chris kept refusing, so this is our resolution. I have a video of him and Ed doing a trial run yesterday afternoon, which was fantastic and “very homosexual”, and it will most certainly find its way on here in due course.

And now I think it’s time to go do another 30 lines of Andromache. And possibly read a newspaper too. Yes, I am living on the wild side here. And at 4 o’clock – tea and cakes.

Wednesday July 26, 2006

pictures in my head

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Hello, all. Or at least, hello all of you who are without lives enough to still check this when you know I am away, and will be for quite some time yet. Hello. Congratulations.

Greek camp has got to the point where we’ve all settled in, pretty much, and I’ve figured out my way around enough to find a computer lab. Slight downside is that it’s an Apple computer lab and everything is weird and appleish and there doesn’t seem to be a way of opening more than one Firefox window at a time (dying here), but we all cope in the end, don’t we. Lou and Chris have tootled off to Blandford for credit for Lou and ribena for me, but I didn’t think I could take the walk (our lecturer on Monday announced that he walked from the entrance of the school grounds to the main school building and we gave him a round of applause), so I stayed here to finish my book.

Whee. We are all dead of tired already, and it feels like a lifetime that we’ve been here, and none of us are quite sure how we’re going to survive for the rest. But we’re learning a lot. That’s what comes of 6 hours of translation a day. Near-constant headaches and intense tiredness (bloody early mornings) but lots of leet skillz. Yes.

…I think I just referred to Greek as a leet skill. Oh dear. But the cool thing is around here, Greek is not sad. Everybody does it! Walk past people and you hear them discussing principle parts and the Odyssey! The least intelligent lad in my set still talks about things being visceral! I have heard the other three girls in my dorm talking about how irritated they get when people say “like I do” rather than “as I do”! I didn’t even know that! Grammar that I don’t know! It’s like an exhausting, painful heaven.

Chris, Lou and I are all in different sets, which is a bit of a shame, as Lou and I at least were hoping not to be split up. It’s making us work harder though, as we can’t compare translations. I think each of the advanced groups is translating about 100 lines a day – and that’s not collective class work, it’s what we’re each doing as lesson prep. When we met our tutor the first evening he set us 40 lines to do overnight, and Lou’s tutor set her group 63. (To put that into perspective, Mr Bunting sets us 15 a week. Ahahahaha. Yes.) Things are crazy round here, and we were all feeling a little suicidal the first night, but we’re getting used to it now. Before lunch the veterans in my set were explaining the general progress of emotions through the fortnight, and it was something like – disbelief, shock, anger, disappointment, acceptance, “and then it eventually gets better”. Not sure where we are at the moment.

This is our only free afternoon until Sunday, as there’s a trip going out to Weymouth and the afternoon tutorials have been cancelled. Normal morning of breakfast at 8:15 and tutorials/private study until lunch, but now we have nothing to do until tea. Except me, who has choir at 5:40. And er, up to 60 lines of Odyssey XX to translate for tomorrow. Then after tea we have a lecture on Odysseus and Agamemnon, which seems a very vague title, but we’ll see how it turns out.

Not missing home too much, as I don’t have the spare energy. I don’t even now that I’m thinking about it, as my mind is still on where my translation should be starting off from when I log off and wander back to the nice cool private study area and get of those 60 lines done, as I know I won’t feel like it after the lecture. Lou and Chris should be back soon anyways. Love to all.

Saturday July 22, 2006

chasing after you

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I can hear a car in the drive. I’d suspect it was the result of Nikko driving in a very large circle rather than getting successfully back to Leicester, but he’s just come online so this is unlikely.

Good day. All that’s left now is packing and possibly washing, though I might disregard completely what my parents say and leave my shower until tomorrow-morning-when-there-will-be-no-time. There’s got to be time in there somewhere.

I’ve forgotten things. Erm. Hairbrush, mp3 player, pajamas and journey things, off the top of my head. Reading Greek book! Unless I put that in at the bottom of the case, I can’t remember. It was so long ago that I started this packing business.

I got my CBYSO letter this morning. I’m in.

Away with Lou and Chris from tomorrow until either the 5th or the 6th of August. I’ll be online when I get back anyways, so precision doesn’t really matter. There could well be letters and postcards. Infact, God knows what’ll be going on in the next two weeks, so expect anything. We might start mailing you goldfish.

Byeeeee, all.

Friday July 21, 2006

rocky is from this town.

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A very quiet day indeed. Think this temperature and all the walking around yesterday hasn’t been so good for me. On the bright side, gingerbread was made. Without golden syrup, as we don’t have any in. But it had icing and sugar sprinkles, which probably makes up for it. Chasing Cars came on the radio again. Yep.

Last night was too late. Too late, and things get emotional and depressive and whatnot. And this time I have no Grey’s to watch. Grey’s <3 Saw a House for the first time in ages, and I think Grey’s taken over for me now. House has a big important overall plot, but it gets formulaic. Very few subplots. Grey’s is so awesome and many-plotted and good-musicked and yay. Last episode I saw, there was Lifehouse in. <3 <3 <3 <3

Erm. I’ve lost my thread now. Yeah, quiet day. Had an interesting talk with Mum about teenage politics – she seems to find my teenagerhood fascinating. Her own perspectives on it are rather fascinating too. She is endlessly fascinated by our concept of ‘cool’, so much so that she had me rate myself on a scale of 1-10, and explain why. I think I said 5. Lou, you’re 7.

time slips to nothing and i’m better than i’ve ever been

Wednesday July 19, 2006

just old light

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  1. I wouldn’t get by without you. That’s why I make sure I’ll never have to.
  2. I can’t even begin to understand you, and I don’t think knowing that I never will is any help at all.
  3. Ahahahaha. you rule. Simple but brilliant.
  4. You’re turning into something of an obsession.
  5. You make me so happy, but I’m kindof glad you won’t be around forever.
  6. We don’t see much of each other anymore, but when we do, it’s still beautiful. I get the feeling I’ll be seeing more of you soon.
  7. It’s a love-hate kind of thing, isn’t it. But I can’t stop now.
  8. I am keeping away from you for as long as possible. Crazy psychopathic…
  9. And you suck too. Quit invading my personal space. *shudder*
  10. Uhm. Hello, you are (both) adorable.

Funny how everything sounds like a passionate love affair.

Erm. Today. Feels like a long time ago. Got up late (Sam came in at 11:30 and telling me it was 12:10, which thoroughly confused both of us, but somehow I won), spazzed out for a little while at just how red the hair now is, ate lunch, played some Zelda… then me and Lou went off to Burton. Whee, Burton. Spent much time looking for buses until we gave in and texted Stu to beg a lift home.

Spent much of the shopping time looking for short things. Like shorts, in fact. Think both me and Lou were successful in that. After we found shorts, we also went on a hunt for swimming costumes, but got distracted by the “kinky skirt”. It was a very nice skirt. Sadly didn’t get bought, as it was an expensive kind of kinky skirt. But still.

Uhm. Completely forgot where the cinema is in Burton (sorry Lou), so we spent a fair fifteen minutes walking across central Burton to get to it. But once there there were chairs and cold air and other life necessities, so we were fairly content until we got picked up. Then we came back and cooked things, and sat out on the patio, legs dangling off the wall. Then… dvd and Sleuth and cake. Wheee.

Feeling a little restless tonight, despite the loveliness of the day. Could well be the heat, which is making everything sweaty and uncomfortable. Could be this music. Could be anything. Could even be backspacing.

Lou, you are awesome company. ty muchly. Onwards, Sunday.

Tuesday July 18, 2006

the neighbours complain about the noises above

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There are so many bloody motorcycles around here. I remember thinking similar when I stalled halfway across a roundabout and caused three very long queues of traffic. Well, technically, a few minutes after. At that point I was too busy panicking.

“I was holding you so tight / When you needed help / I guess insecurities catch up to you – when you’re stupid, and you lie” – more Nathanson humour. <3 I think the original line was “when you’re lying to yourself”. Sometimes common sense wins.

Life was a little less pointless today, as we visited both the dentist and Tesco’s. Ahh, excitement. The rest of the week should be still more thrilling. Heck, I might even bake a cake. And if I did, it would be perfect. Yes.

Accidentally dyed my fingernails bright red. That’s why plastic gloves come with it. It should fade, though. I don’t remember Ellie using the gloves last time hairdye was forcibly forced on me, and her nails survived. And it smells nice. *sniffs*

Tomorrow. Time flies… except when it doesn’t. Guess I’ll be staying up for a bit tonight.

how all our best intentions never lit the world on fire

rock with a y.

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Sztuugle says:
two weeks worth of clothes… that’s not *so* many, surely.
Hetty says:
…not just wearing the same outfit over and over, ty
Sztuugle says:
…define over and over.
Hetty says:
Hetty says:
my point is made
Sztuugle says:
Hetty says:
just stop talking.
Sztuugle says:
No :’ C
Hetty says:
Sztuugle says:
i asked a perfectly… reasonable question.
Sztuugle says:
Pfft, whatever. Not me that has to put my back out carrying the suitcase, because someone’s too picky.
Hetty says:
we’re not walking to dorset, you know
Sztuugle says:
…just shush.
Hetty says:
Sztuugle says:
you have started to make unsense, and it’s not nearly late enough for it to be my fault.
Hetty says:
…oh, you accuse me of not making sense just because you’re losing
Hetty says:
i understand fully.
Sztuugle says:
i am not loosing. you have brought up dorset, which… confuses the hell out of me in its randomness.
Hetty says:
Sztuugle says:
epect that i now remember that’s where it is, so i feel a slight fool
Hetty says:
the summer school is IN DORSET
Sztuugle says:
Hetty says:
Hetty says:
Hetty says:
i’m sorry, that’s just too funny
Sztuugle says:
you’ll still be carrying them at some point, so my point stands
Sztuugle says:

Matt Nathanson – Journey (live)

Not even much singing in this, but a fairly awesome ramble between songs. <3 That and his Philadelphia song just confirms my suspicion that he is a god.

Monday July 17, 2006

someone who’d cherish your name.

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Driving was far better last night. Went to the St Helen’s House carpark, drove around a lot in various different directions. Established that I can do three-point turns in a 100m2 space.

Mum’s been away most of the day. Got a phonecall from Westwood House around lunchtime saying that they were calling an ambulance for Nana, as they thought she’d had a small stroke… she’s in hospital for the night, and they don’t think it was a stroke anymore, but they want to do tests. So we’ll see. We’ve been hanging around the house this afternoon waiting for status phonecalls. Really don’t know how she’ll cope with unfamiliar surroundings for the night.

So yeah, very little has been done today. Made layout for thingy (slogan: “Lay out with this layout” – guess who), played some more Zelda, watched some more Grey’s. Turned into a puddle of metaphorical goo when Tegan and Sara played over Cristina trying to resuscitate the special DNR ex-nurse lady and T&S were like *my music makes everything in Seattle Grace hugely emotional and awesome!* and Cristina was *wibble* and Burke was all *I will be ravishing you very soon, possibly next episode* and… yeah. Erm. Spoiler warning.

My music needs organising again. And I need clothes.


WAAH. Bluetit just flew into my window and there was a *BOP* sound and now it’s on the bricks outside twitching. That’s not nice at all. Wah.

Sunday July 16, 2006

alone if i’m with or without

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Portions for Foxes? How did I not know that was in the first ep of Grey’s. It goes still further up in my estimation. Awesome.

This afternoon… made cake, despite Suuz running off upstairs with my jar of lemon curd and hiding it in the pile under the snooker table. I pursued her with my knife. Also listened to some Eddie Izzard, and am now listening to this amusing podcast in which he travelled to a European Council with Tony Blair (here).

Driving again in half an hour or so. Kill me now.

disarm you with a smile

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Ben Lee – Close I’ve Come

Great song. A different kind of good to Ache.

Would like to make this. Probably the lemon one, as we already have the brownies to be going on with. But still… almost almonds (damn fingers). Yum.

Bookmarked this and this. Love both.

Driving earlier was nightmarish. Guess it has to get better from that.

Finally received that email from Ellie, and we are possibly restarting vicfic. <3 It’s been too long. I haven’t written anything long since Nano.

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