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Saturday September 30, 2006

“If this jumper gets wet, I shall scream.” “…It’s raining.”

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Last night was great fun, so muchly thanks to Paul and Chris for going with me… particularly Chris, for having such disturbingly nice parents. Evening wasn’t even ruined by my mother phoning twice and leaving two voicemail messages and phoning Chris’s parents and getting them to phone Chris… to make sure I had a key. I showed her I had a key before we left home. Ah well.

Flowe were fantastic, and actually the two we stayed for after were very good too – Beat My Guest especially, with their cool sax player, and… whoever it was after them… were well-practiced and put together too, though I thought their original songs were dull. But the image of those two guys standing awkwardly on the left of their stage blowing smoke rings will stay with me forever. So, so funny.

The especially nice thing about having Paul there was that he could pass judgement on something for me, and it feels very nice to have got his agreement. But he couldn’t really have refused, from the situation last night. Mmmph.

Off out in a minute… Lizza’s going too, so with her and Chris and Paul I shall yet again have some excellent company. Funny to think of this time last year, when it was Ev and Ellie and Paul and Chris there. It’s nice that some things stay the same, however different this year feels to last.

Made pink macaroons this afternoon, then sandwiched them together with dark chocolate. And watched QI with Sam. And did homework. I love Saturdays.

Posted on OH today, saying something that I doubted I would ever be able to. I feel very thankful that I now can, and I think with full honesty.

and i wouldn’t change a thing

Friday September 29, 2006

took everything and selling it off

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Anyone else a fan of Rodrigo y Gabriela? They’re playing in Nott, Nov 30th.

Got house duet music played through at lunch. \o/ It’s great actually playing it with someone else who has an ounce of musical feeling, as in all my cynicism about house music I wasn’t expecting. I was all ready to do Danny Boy and drop Shepherds of Yarrow, just because everyone knows and likes Danny Boy, but we’ve played Shepherds through and Sarah thinks that it’s as gorgeous as I do. So we’re going to work at it and perhaps we can make it as good as Paul and me made it.  *nostalgia*

(The only drawback of being enthused and getting the duet sorted right at the start of lunchbreak means that there was no lunch until 2. And at that time there is nothing but “sausage” sandwiches left in the vending machines.)

Lou and I sorted our CAFs this morning, too. Right down to the irritating additional PS part. So yay, freedom.

Oh, and coming out of triple Latin this afternoon, I had the indignity of having my grammar corrected by Dom.

And I just introduced my mother to Myspace.

I believe that’s all the excitement of today… so far. But Paul has texted me especially to tell me he is wearing his hat tonight, so I think the excitement is not over yet.

Thursday September 28, 2006

one, two, one two three four –

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Something changed this morning, walking up from the carpark with my headphones in. I think I finally have my way out. Or at least a direction.

Not much to say about today, as it was fairly unremarkable. Did absolutely no Plato in the double Plato lesson… our excuse was that Sara was away. Yep. Spent the time talking about other CAF details, and the interviewing process, and… what we actually like about Classics, and why we want to take it further. I think it’s good to ask that kind of simple question, once in a while. Just so you don’t lose sight of the reasons.

‘Mrs Baerrns’ was away, so we didn’t do quartet. And Mrs M has taken her unappreciation of General Studies to a completely different level and begun teaching us about rebuses instead of French. Which is useless examinationarily-speaking, but far more interesting. And choir was very nice, and choir #2 was very nice too. I have no extra energy to waste on proper adjectives.

Mr S tells me Mr Manning 3d is going to start coming once a week (again) to play uber-Go with anyone who wants to. So basically… me. Hurrah for that. Must be getting down to Mindgames either Monday or Friday. Mr S basically told me to pick my day, and he’d come then. Quite a nice position to be in.

I love this song to an insane degree. Somehow better than Ache, or Close, or Apple. Might just be the associations. But it feels really, really good.

Wednesday September 27, 2006

home, where i wanted to go

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Watched Lost when I got home from school. omgwtf. But in fact, the finale answered a few questions and started pulling things back together, I thought. It threw some very, very odd things into the mix as well, but it seemed a good balance of explanation and development… It’s the first thing to convince me that the writers actually know where they’re going with this. Next season should be very interesting indeed.

Oh, and I thought Nero was strange. Have I talked about this already? I loved the acting and the script, because even at the end his humanity was kept apparent, and I think that’s how it should be. He was monstrous, but not a complete monster. I loved his absurdity, too. “And I shall sing to them!” <3 Mr S tells us that it wasn’t all accurate, so I’ll have to get hold of a Suetonius or something and try to correct all the misinformation I now have.

Today… today improved as it went on. Nhoj lent me that cd after music, Lou and I went to Subway for lunch, and I was feeling positively cheerful as we discussed Zeus’ mating habits with Mr Bunting (…that is, the discussion was with Mr Bunting) this afternoon. The high point must definitely have been Lou going, “that’s so… tricky!” after hearing how Zeus took the form of a swan to escape Hera and have sex with Leda, and have Mr Bunting reply, “…Biologically?” Ahahah. (“That wouldn’t be very fun!”, said Lou also, as we talked practicalities of swan/Leda.)

I’ve found myself another project now. Hopefully the neh feeling won’t be returning for a bit. And, barndance! Mum got a phonecall to say there were three tickets now spare for us, and Chris and family appear to have theirs too, so it should be a really fun evening. We’ll see if it gets as violent as last year’s. *sharpens elbows*

I got my CBYSO music in the post, too. I’m in firsts, whereas I kindof prefer the lower versions of everything you get in seconds, but fingers crossed Paul will be in firsts too. Hurry up, Postal Service. And ahah, I am on the poster! What a lovely poster it is too. I’m a bit dubious about this one, as it’s all Stravinsky, but… well, Paul and I got to a Stravinsky concert last year, and it was fairly varied, so hopefully this one will be likewise. And Sakari’s conducting, so we’ll all be fine. <3 When I have time I’ll check Naxos for the recordings, and start picking through my part.

Robert Creeley – For Love

Not read any of his before. The fragmentation reminds me of O’Hara, but Creeley seems to keep away from specifics, keeping his subjects far broader. He breaks that huge rule about telling instead of showing, but here it doesn’t seem to matter too much. Must try to find more.

Hum. addtl ps, Sharl’s ps.

Tuesday September 26, 2006


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Have peppermint tea to try. It’s green-tinged, and I’m not sure whether it’s meant to be like that or whether it has something to do with the 1996 best before date.

Exhausted. Don’t know if this causes depressedness or vice versa, but both seem to happen at the same time each time, so I figure they must be somehow connected. Unless it’s just a series of strange coincidences. Which, really, is not so unusual at all.

Sleeping, I guess. And if I don’t wake up til tomorrow, well, fine.

Monday September 25, 2006

your legendary tragedy

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Nice to see there’s a few more moved onto LastFM. Hurrah for music indulgence.

Also hurrah for Danse Macabre. It’s sounding rather good. Spent the entire orch rehearsal today working on just that, and we’ve sorted about half of it now. I really, really like that Mr M is as particular about sound as I am. In a min I’ll be checking the Naxos Library for a recording, as I’d like to know whether the violin solo should be more separated and stilted or more long and flowy. My part’s meant to be of the puppetmaster, so perhaps it’s a bit of both.

Nice, un-unusual day besides that. Really missed Lou while she wasn’t there… but she came in at break and saved me from the doom of having a lesson with Mrs K all by myself. Mrs B’s Ovid lesson was great fun, as we were doing IV, which involved lots of cool things like expressive eyebrows and welcoming nipples, and the whole thing provided a fantastic mental image. I love those lessons. We have such a great set.

First free lunchtime since getting back to school. Ho ho ho.

Oh, and we had our first music lesson in one of the comp labs. Everything smells new, as someone pointed out. And it’s all clean too. <3 It’s really rather beautiful.

Thought I didn’t have much homework tonight, but come to think of it I have some Homer. And* I should carry on with the performance investigation too. For some reason Kreisler’s recording of Mendelssohn’s VC wouldn’t copy onto my mp3 player, while Bell’s and Vengerov’s would, which is kindof wtf. I’ll try again, as I’m realising just how similarly Bell and Vengerov seem to play the Andante. Bloody virtuosos.

*Um. I don’t know my timetable yet.

Sunday September 24, 2006

(well it looked bloody real)

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Things are back to the way they used to be. I have a cheese sandwich and a large pile of completed homework, and a far smaller pile of uncompleted. Have been mostly in my own little world all day with the Greek and Latin translations and the baking, only leaving the house once to visit Chris and have him throw an egg at me. Which is exactly the right kind of social interaction.

Feeling very content, and I’d like to remember that, even if it doesn’t last for long. Right now, it’s nice to be me again. And I know for a fact that nobody else I know has chocolate truffle cupcakes quite as awesome as the ones currently sitting on my kitchen worktop.

all the people, living for today

‘insecurities catch up to you – when you’re stupid, and you lie’

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Wake up, pull curtains open, and there is a dinghy in the front garden. What.

edit: Lou, when you see this, can you text Paul and tell him Jepley’s new number? And that I have no credit. ty xxx

Goo Goo Dolls – Iris (acoustic)

Go Set Go – Crying Shame

John Mayer – New Deep

Stars – Soft Revolution

First one for Stu, second for Chris as a good example of ‘sad lyrics, happy music’, third and fourth for anyone who wants them. I’m all about the happy music at the moment, and those two are particularly nice examples. I would very much like to write like that.

Saturday September 23, 2006

he was a friend of mine

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Chrispy says:
I’m not sure that’s got much to do with existentialism
Chrispy says:
maybe they like the texture of fur
Chrispy says:
I know I do
Chrispy says:
there’s nothing quite like licking a cat

Today was really rather lovely. Made cakes… coloured them all weird colours… wrote things like ‘DIE’ on them with the writing icing… watched Brokeback… lead many smarties into war… discussed many things. Distinctly remember Lou informing me that no Chinese person would ever have it off with me. Or something. It was dreadfully insulting, whatever it was, but I (accidentally) implied that she was very dense, so we can probably call it quits.

Brokeback was so much better the second time. <3 It’s good when you know the rough outline. You have more space to sit back and think about what’s happening. I completely missed the bit about Ennis’s shirt being taken, the first time – his comment about how he lost it, after coming down from the mountain. For some reason the whole thing hit harder this time, too. And, the music. The music is so wonderful.

Must sleep soon. Watching Project Runway and discussing random things with Chris. And… yes. Sleep soon. Even if I don’t have the voice for choir in the morning.

wait to find if this will last forever

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Ahahah. So, wordpress has this handy little feature that tells me how many pageviews I get a day, what search terms have been used to find my blog, etc. Today it seems somebody searched for “kinky skirt” and ended up here. The only thing I can think of to blame is that shopping trip with Lou. XD

Have no credit left now, as a heads-up to people. Was hoping to save some of it but spent much of this morning texting things like “Food colouring? DO YOU HAVE FOOD COLOURING?” to Paul. Really need to find my top-up card now.

Uhm. Having nothing else to say. Except, yay music. I need to start writing things again, because that thing we were hypotheticalising last night sounded quite exciting, even if it wasn’t serious. And if I’m going to Nanowrimo I really need to wake up my creative side again.

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