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Thursday May 31, 2007

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It hit 10,000 at 1:23 am.

Wednesday May 30, 2007

you and where you’d gone

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“But, as it seems, the thing which appears good to the ignorant masses, this is what he will imitate.” [602] – apparently the imitator follows the ignorant masses’ idea of what is good, not vice versa? Suggestion that the fault does not lie with the imitator, and ille idea that he is the one creating mistaken impressions of morality is contradicted by hic idea that he will simply be lead by public opinion. Plato is not saying “whatever he imitates will seem good to the ignorant masses”, he is saying “whatever seems good to the ignorant masses, he will imitate”.

Just wrote this down in wordpad before I forgot it. I have a feeling it makes sense, but I’ll take another look at it tomorrow and see if I still think so. It’s a question (I think) of which came first, the ignorant masses or the imitator. Like the chicken and the egg, only far more philosophical.

*moves swiftly on*

a shell in the sand

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Ahahah, so there’s kindof a fandom apocalypse going on right now. LJ is going round deleting comms and users like crazy due to some reports from a certain anti-paedophilia group, who seem to think writing about pervy things = being a dangerous criminal molester in real life. The trigger is certain things in people’s interests. PP’s been TOS’ed for this reason, and that’s pretty huge, as PP has been around for… what, about five years, and it was a huge fic archive; there must have been works in the thousands on there. Many other comms and personal journals are going on temporary lockdown so they don’t get deleted and lose all their work too.

The fallout is fairly big in HP fandom, but it’s even huger in some other (slash) fandoms – Supernatural, for example, because if you imagine that everyone who writers the popular pairing there is a molester IRL, you have quite a legion of dangerous perverts – and an impressive number of soon-to-be-TOS’ed accounts.

In other news, it’s been raining pretty much all day, but I had some tasty chicken soup for lunch at Lite Bytes and introduced Stu to the joys of Ovid.

Tuesday May 29, 2007

for existing in the first place

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“Didn’t we then say that a good man who loses his son, or anything else dear to him, will bear the misfortune more equably than other people? […] Will he be more inclined to resist and fight against his grief when his fellows can see him, or when he is alone by himself? Much more inclined when others can see him. On the other hand, when he is alone he will not mind saying and doing things which he would be ashamed to let other people hear or see.”

Except I’m not doing Plato right now, I’m doing Ovid.

Thank God for daylight. And fellows.


Finally, someone outside lj and the general fandom circle has nicely summed up the whole fanlib debate that’s been so thorougly discussed though every major fandom for the last few weeks. An interesting read if you’re in any fandom, as it there’s some good meta in there as well.

B and Suuz came round for lunch, which was a lovely distraction. I wasn’t expecting to see Suuz until the end of June, when she finishes church touring, but she’s back for a few days in BMS’ Birmingham headquarters. In true Susannah style she stayed for just two hours and still managed to leave her phone here, ahah, so they might have to come back tomorrow and retrieve it.

The rest of today – worked, walked into town with Chris to catch up and buy chocolate, worked a little more, created a recipe for chocolate mousse to finish up the double cream from the carrot cake filling. Feeling slightly more like myself now, but I still can’t shake a bit of – well, something.

29th may is the 10th anniversary of Jeff Buckley’s death.

Monday May 28, 2007

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in the rain. walking slowly.


Ani DiFranco – As Is & Both Hands, cause I uploaded them for Stu last night and may as well put the links here too. They’re both a good deal less vengeful than those on the album of hers I’m listening to at the moment, but lyricswise they’re just as great.

This morning Paul and I watched High School Musical. <333

Sunday May 27, 2007

something happened that I never understood;

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*deletes emo paragraph*

‘We are at Aesica. Ed is taking pictures of pussy.’ -Chris. ‘It’s a cat!’ -Ed.

I always get the best text messages while I’m asleep.

Today I went to church at least, but since then I’ve mostly been asleep. Still have both blocks of revis to do. I like this weather, but I liked it better there was someone around to go walking in it with me.

Tomorrow’s looking like it’ll be a fun day. =)

Saturday May 26, 2007

so wait for the stone on your window

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Phew. I’ve just finished the revision I’d set myself for today. I got a little done at school but not as much as I’d needed, and then this evening I ended up playing poker with family and then going for a ramble with Chris (both physically and vocally, I would say). One thing leading to another, etc.

Helping with the music day was actually very fun. It was an orchestra made up of just me and 16 of the instrumental teachers, ahah, always unnerving, and we started off by speed-learning a few bits of music – just recogniseable stuff like William Tell and a Sound of Music medley and suchlike. Then we did ‘concerts’ of 40 mins-ish, starting with the full orchestra playing and then splitting it up into the different instruments and sections, getting each to show off a little as Mr M worked round explaining them all. And we ended with Rock Around the Clock, because it’s awesome.

So yeah, we did that… 4 times, for reception class & Y1, then Y2, then LGS Y7 and LHS Y7. Y2 also had some smaller-group instrument-trying sessions in the afternoon to get them to consider what they might like to start learning in November, and the instrumentalists were running those too but I got that time off. Being a Student with Approaching Exams and all.

I love the Fairfielders, they are so tiny and have such awesome thoughts. And people are always saying that working with children is rewarding, and I always assumed they were lying, but actually I can kindof see it now. Our concert programme evolved during the day as we saw what the kids responded to best, and by the end the oboe and bassoon reeds were having conversations with each other and the bassoon was taking his instrument apart to demonstrate how half of it could be used as a digeridoo, and yeah. I think we got them to have fun but I think they got us to as well.

So yes. good day. also, I’d really like my leavers hoodie now, because Chris has got his and it’s very cool-looking and made out of really nice snuggly stuff.

Tomorrow I DON’T HAVE A DRIVING LESSON IN THE MORNING. <333 Because I had one on Thursday instead. <3 So I can sleep in. <3 Goodnight world.

Thursday May 24, 2007

when to give up the fight

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Have to be in school tomorrow. On the bus. Both ways. Ahahahah kill me now.

You expect things of me that I cannot give. And I still wish for things from you that will never happen. But life is full of disappointments, isn’t it. Sometimes you just have to stop and feel them.

Today’s been quite a nice day though. These things just come suddenly.

I hope I won’t be all alone tomorrow. Or maybe I do, and then I could do some work.

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have been waiting until i start feeling sleepy but that’s just not happening

argh argh argh

Wednesday May 23, 2007

just a little more aware

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What continually fascinates me about Plato is that everything he writes in Republic 10 (or really, in anything), he writes because this is the best way he can see of explaining and arguing his point. And this is also what I find hardest about studying him, because I don’t think you can say you thoroughly understand any author if you just understand what they said; it’s not enough until you are so in their head that you can justify why they said it in that way, and I couldn’t do that with Plato.

If I had to put across the idea that Plato is in our A2 section (poetry is a bad influence on the masses because it appears to have knowledge about – and as a result has influence on – things that it doesn’t, most worryingly morality), I wouldn’t go about it the way he does. And I can’t quite justify why he does it that way. There are flaws in his argument in places, and perhaps in hindsight he thought – yeah, that’s not quite so clear, is it, but the fact is that he thought it was the most eloquent and clear argument that it could be, at least during the time he took to write it. I’d like to know why.

Ahh, clearly I am on my way to becoming a fully-fledged classics student. unintelligible to the rest of the world. <3

Today I had a violin lesson. I also split my four greeklatin texts into sections and put them all into day-boxes in the weeks running up to exams, and as long as I stick to what I’ve put down I should be ready enough time left to sort out the other stuff. *organisation glee*

Was meaing to be online last night, specifically for more OMG GREYS discussion, but internet buggered up and I wasn’t. So I made souffles instead. Lost tonight, so I probably won’t be around at all. Lunch tomorrow, Stu?*

*ahah, sorry, driving lesson. monday?

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