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Saturday June 30, 2007

a glorious bite.

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I have been so productive today. No, really.

And I should be getting lots of post over the next few days, ahah, though mostly unexciting things from banks. One slightly more interesting thing though, which I’ll need to see what it’s like before I decide what to do with it.

But yes. I have driven, and sorted out internet banking things, and organised a whole freakload of papers, and been into town to get some ID photos taken for a university card thing for Cambridge. (Every time I get a letter from them I have a horrible fear that it’s going to tell me they’ve changed their mind about letting me go there.)

We’re off to grandpa’s this evening for an ‘informal’ (read: smart) birthday dinner with him and our crazy conservative cousins. Fun stuff. I’m going to have to make really sure I work the dingles properly, because there are three things I’m trying to record while we’re out. Brightside though, we’re picking up Lou from Rooty’s on our way back and she’s sleeping over. =)

It’s been such a beautiful day today. I didn’t realise this until I was walking into town, but it’s warm enough to not need a coat and there’s all this gentle, refreshing rain.

Friday June 29, 2007

further from the truth.

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“Lifehouse is on tour this summer with the Goo Goo Dolls…”

And unsurprisingly, all the dates are in America. I am dying just a little inside.

Today’s been another really lovely day. A mix of company and quiet, which is something I really value. Slept all morning and in the afternoon the Gravestocks came round, ostensibly because it was B’s birthday, but also so we could kick their asses at Racing Demons and they could vice versa at Articulate. Suuz lived up to the wtfbbq tradition of Articulate by seemingly describing ‘hallucinating’ by telling Benjamin, “It’s what you do to your girlfriend… later on”.

After we’d finished, Suuz and I walked into town to fetch some chocolate to finish off the caramel shortbreads I was making, which was lovely too as we hadn’t had a chance to talk properly since she’d got home. It’s funny, she hasn’t outwardly changed much since before going to Nepal, but she has a sense of something different around her now. An aura, if that didn’t sound so weirdly mystical. I think it’s just how much she’s grown in herself and in God, and how she’s really living that, in everything she does. It’s calming and somehow inspiring to be around her.

Two songs.

KT Tunstall – Throw Me A Rope

Relient K – When I Go Down

Both are rather lovely and peaceful. The first they played on Brothers & Sisters last week, ahah, and today I have been listening to it on constant repeat, because the sound is so gentle and the songwriting is somehow addictive with all its perfect, unforced rhymes. The second I listened to very late last night and oh was it needed. It was the first time I’ve heard a song and related to every single word.

Oh and, my caramel shortbreads have turned out awesomely.

Thursday June 28, 2007

minor fall and major lift

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Today has been just awesome. Last exam. !! Awesome.

And this afternoon/evening have been lovely. The beautiful weather lasted all afternoon during our walking around Bradgate, and only really broke after we’d barbequed everything and were sitting down to eat, hee. And the rest of the evening was spent with food and then with John’s bed, which as we know is extremely comfy. I wish Lou and I could’ve stayed longer, but it was her dad picking us up at 9 or my mum picking us up at 10, ahah, so we took what we could get.

I’m worried, but I trust that, like last time, it won’t last. I wonder about something else too, but I imagine that, unlike last time, that won’t either. But both are beyond my control, so I’m going to get back to the important things, like. other stuff.

LAST EXAM FWEE has not really sunk in yet, but I’m sure it will soon. Tomorrow I’m just going to… sleep. And possibly go into town to buy some chocolate to finish making chocolate caramel shortbread with. But that’s really the extent of my plans.

Wednesday June 27, 2007

Let them see you smiling.

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So, today has been… productive. AEA was interesting, ahahah, in that the prose translation was awful (though I wrung sense out of it… just about) and the verse easier, which was unusual – but Pliny was using some Very Long Sentences. And the Catullus litcrit after that seemed very easy indeed as you get a translation with it, though for one of the 10-mark questions I wrote 3 sides and for the other I wrote 1. Time management at its finest, yes. Miss O’C ambushed us on the way out of school to ask what passages we got just as Lou was declaring “and Susan was getting all horny with Mike” and I was putting my headphones in.

So I’m listening to my Grey’s Anatomy playlist at the moment. Yes, I have a Grey’s playlist. And I got hold of Vega 4’s Life is Beautiful the other day, which they played on that episode in S3 where there’s that girl who burns her hand so she doesn’t have to take/fail an exam and everything goes melodramatically “I’m not crazy!” in an elevator. OTT storyline, but the song was awesome. quite Chasing Cars in style, but by meaning much more like Five For Fighting’s Superman. which is a wonderful thing.

Tomorrow’s exam is an afternoon exam, which is awesome as I can sleep in. But even today’s morninglong exam turned out okay, despite lack of sleep. A lovely surprise to see you again this morning, as I was just preparing to not for quite a while. And Lou and I McDonald’s-ed it for lunch and spent the afternoon wandering shops and discussing things in an empty common room. Then I came home and slept. Three-hour exams are surprisingly tiring.

And tomorrow in general should be really fun. Freedom, finally.

Tuesday June 26, 2007

though your room’s been unoccupied

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Didn’t get up early enough to be feeling tired yet, sadly. But I have a 3 hour latin paper to do in the morning so in a minute I’ll be off to bed regardless.

This evening we walked all the down the golf course from my house to the end of the road, then we fought through overgrown stuff (“It’s a path!”) to the layby and walked back up again. This evening was stunning, even though the rest of the day has been very unsettled. That might or might not be describing the weather. But everything is beautiful at sunset, and perfect from far away.

Monday June 25, 2007

reach out into the darkness-

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I’m translating this passage and I’m getting such a sense of history. Of relevance. it’s so easy to forget that people writing 2000 years ago were just the same as us; no inferior because of a different language and a different situation. And it’s so wonderful when you get that sense of connection with one of them. even through millenia. that proof that they were just the same.

quid dulcius quam habere quocum omnia audeas sic loqui ut tecum? […] amicitia res plurimas continet: quoquo te verteris, praesto est, nullo loco excluditur, numquam intempestiva, numquam molesta est. […] nam et secundas res splendidiores facit amicitia et adversas, partiens communicansque, leviores. -Cicero, De Amicita, 22.

where the sunshine slows

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Heee, I’ve had an awesome day today. Slept in until about 10:15, but Lou picked me up at 10:30 with my hair washed and dried and the rest of me mostly clothed and groomed and awake, which I thought very impressive.

And yes. We didn’t really do anything special in Loughborough, but it was made fun by the company. We had a nice lunch in Noodle Bar with the normal people, minus one Chris and plus another, and whiled away the afternoon sitting on benches and visiting the odd shop, it being too busy for us to attempt another park afternoon. =) Visited the Pineapple – probably for the last time, woe – and their closing sale now involves half price on everything, so I got Jimmy Eat World’s Futures, which I am loving, and GGD’s Boy Named Goo, which hasn’t yet had a look-in.

This evening I’m working through all my Latin AEA papers just to catch up on vocab and grammar that I don’t know, and I need to do some violin as well as I’ve discovered I have a lesson tomorrow. And a recital on Sunday. Eep.

Sunday June 24, 2007

lightning long ago

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I am struggling with this song. But that’s better than I’ve been doing at all for weeks, so it’s still encouraging. It’s a word-by-word kind of progress.

But while looking for a synonym for ‘long ago’, I discovered that quondam is actually, apparently, used in english. Ahahahah! Who knew. Otoh this is coming from, who allow all sorts of things that Mr Bunting does not. shining beacon of grammaticism that he is. Alas, who to trust? Life is so hard.

And fortunately I seem to have found a subject to write around now. It’s turned out to be very similar to some of This Modern Love, ahah, where it goes, what are you always holding out for, what’s always in the way. It’s turning out to be a bit like that.

but this i know

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God I love the riff at the start of Atari’s My Reply so much.

…I was going to elaborate but it’s time for lunch.

And back. So yes, good riff. Halfway through the rhythm changes and the beat emphasiseseses get all funky. We should definitely do something like that.

DW was such fun yesterday. Sam and I watched it together, and he just doesn’t take it remotely seriously, which was sortof fitting for this one seeing as the Master was all insane and full of one-liners. I cracked up at the end when all the evil little pokeballs [sic] descended to crazy dance music.

Jekyll was deeply creepy though, and scared me far more than last week’s as I didn’t have anyone to watch it with. I kept having to mute all the suspenseful parts.

Choir was packed this morning, with all the older ones there and four prodigal trebles arriving within minutes of us preparing to go in. The sermon didn’t really move me this morning, but for some reason a lot of the music did. The anthem we did, Jesu The Very Thought of Thee, I’d sung a lot in rehearsals before, but the beauty of it only really struck me this morning. And Suuz arrived back having finished all gap year stuff yesterday so she was in church too, which was rather special.

Today I’m going to work a little on either my Greek or Latin grammar for next week’s final exams. But I’ve already done violin prac for today, so besides that, I’m freee. =)

Friday June 22, 2007

walk me down your broken line

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Ahee! I did my final exam Latin (ish) this morning, so no more A levels until Wednesday. I told Chris so this morning and he was kind enough not to mention that he had no more A levels ever until I actually asked. So there we go, thoughtfulness.

After the exam Lou went home as she was illy, but I stayed on for a bit and Ed and Chris and I got lunch and ‘tramped it up’ in the car, as it was raining and we were out of other bright ideas. We then nearly ran him over, as he was standing in front of the car when it was still in gear and leapt forward. But only a nearly. So that’s good.

This afternoon I slept. And it was beautiful. I plan to do far more of that.

Now it’s poker poker time. All around the school.

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