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Sunday November 18, 2007

with all the strength of a GREAT TYPHOON

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Just brief, because I need to do a little essay work before bed and still be able to get up for tomorrow’s history lecture. Funtimes.

This weekend has been really nice again. We had Friday evening in the bar putting lots of spare change in various people’s (Patrick’s) collection pots for handcuffing, and at 10pm the two most popular – Patrick and Liz – were duly chained. Very amusing, and potentially would have been moreso had the authorities not allowed them to have been unchained for Patrick’s rowing race the following morning.

Saturday… slept in. Sooo nice. Spent much (some) of the afternoon at Classics fac working, then the four of us (sans Emma – and Lou, obv) cooked stir fry over at Mat’s and then pub quizzed. We didn’t lose this time! Third last, actually, so not shoddy at all. Then Helen and George and I went over to Trinity Bar to meet up with some other classicists, then Mat and Jon and George (randomly) and I went over to see Rendition at Vue cinema in the Grafton. It was a late showing, starting at 11:20 – and a fairly long film anyway, so with adverts &etc we didn’t get out til 2:30ish. Really liked the film, though. Bit disgusting and very screwy but very well-made.

Missed church this morning, as I didn’t wake up til midday, but then Mat and I got random things from Sainsbury’s for lunch and spent the afternoon til choir practice reading articles about Odyssean narrative, ahah, so it was well if not productively spent time. And now Mat and Emma and I have evensonged and eaten and have just returned from visiting Lou up at New Hall. The walk there/back was cold and wet, eurgh. but quite fun actually. we did a lot of Disney songs. (and shine. stop – STOP!) <3 I am thinking Disney-fest in the holidays. nods.

I am going to be so sorry to leave here. a few people especially, and what i’m dreading now is the saturday when everyone except me leaves and the sunday when cambridge is empty of all the people i love in it. but that’s a few weeks away yet, and there is work to be done in the meantime.

this wasn’t really very brief. oh well.

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  1. What day are you leaving for Christmas? :( Would have stayed on an extra day or two if you’d like me to – was intending to leave on December 1st. I guess you’re going off with choir a couple of days after term finishes? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Comment by Lou — Monday November 19, 2007 @ 12:38 pm |Reply

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