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Thursday November 22, 2007

if we don’t make it:

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Ahahah. Just (nearly) finished my LAST ESSAY OF THE TERM and I was about to go round to 4 and print it off, but it has just started shitting it down outside, so to speak, and so I am thinking I will leave it as something to torture myself with in the morning as I attempt to get myself out of bed for the 9am Latin linguistic structures class of hellish boredom. Not allowed to miss it. pah.

Haven’t yet done the work for that, actually, so I guess that’s my next job.

I am hungering for sleep like something hungers for brains. Zombies? Or the Cyclops, perhaps. Ahahahahahah Greek reference! *kills self* That’s got to be the wittiest thing I’ve done since that time on Monday when I simultaneously forgot two PINs for separate bank accounts and disabled one of them by panicking and trying to guess it. Actually that wasn’t so witty. Huh.

Beautiful day today. I need to start noticing these things again.

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  1. Hetty. You sound as if you have gone COMPLETELY INSANE. It’s more like one of my posts (less the angst). Calm yourelf, woman.

    And it’s zombies. They walk around saying “brains, brains”. I know because I watched a film with them in it a few days ago.


    Comment by Paul — Thursday November 22, 2007 @ 11:43 am |Reply

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