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Tuesday November 27, 2007

my own fever

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Doha debate last night was fantastic fun. It was basically a live broadcast debate, so similar to the normal union ones except no interruptions on points of information were allowed, the speeches were shorter and attacked immediately afterwards by Tim Sebastian, and speakers from the floor had to have microphones. BBC had also brought fake stained-glass windows into the debating chamber with the shadowy images of fake trees behind them. v amusing.

Have to walk across town in a few minutes to get to a singing lesson at St Chad’s at 4:10. Haven’t practiced much this week (/ever) and my singing teacher is extremely gung-ho with the weird vocal exercises, so it’s not exactly the most joyous occasion of my week. But I don’t think anything could kill my mood today.

Didn’t get enough sleep last night; went round to Staircase 4 at 10:30 to print off a translation and got sidetracked until sometime after 2. Looking forward to finding out if Mat got out of bed in time for 9am lecture.

Hopefully ice-skating this evening at the temporary rink they have up on Parker’s Piece. Need to see if Mat/Emma are keen for Compline too, because if so we’ll have to be back before 10pm. I’d rather like to go late, though, because ice-skating at night would be unbelievably pretty. We’ll see. Time to go.

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