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Wednesday November 28, 2007

and I can hear it now;

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Mmm, nice day. quite. Things are ending! we had our last torturous Odyssey reading class (!!), last Latin consolidation (turned out to be surprisingly fun; George is so entertaining with his man-crush on our supervising man) and the final Cicero lecture. And tomorrow’s our last lecture of all term! It was going to be cancelled because our lecturer was stranded in Munich (quite a good excuse as they go) but fortunately/not he has managed to extricate himself from the German clutches.

I did manage to get to my final singing lesson of term, wherein the worst exercises that kinky kinky Ghislaine made me do were singing while lying down on the floor and then while on all fours. Not bad at all.

We made it to ice-skating this evening. I love ice-skating. and discovering that Mat and Jon had never done it before and have almost no balance/co-ordination made it very fun. All the moreso at the end when Jon lost his balance while skating past Mat and somehow managed to hook his leg around Mat’s and take them both down. It was entirely accidental, apparently, but I gave Jon extra chocolate for it anyway.

I am in the comforting and slightly scary position of… something that I’ve only once been in before. I can’t ever see me wanting to end this, and I know that if they do then it will… hurt an awful lot. But it’s different to that last time, so much different, because this time I am daring to hope that it might never have to end. I know that’s stupid, because almost everything does. but then I had never even dared to hope that it could ever begin, and somehow it did. maybe I need a little more faith.

And with that.

And. well, no. Those thoughts are mine alone.

So if you just cast all off your doubts then your lips would answer for you

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