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Friday November 16, 2007

a god in whatever i want you to be

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Ahh. So, just got back from the Big Week Six Test at fac, and now I have time to myself until a 5pm supervision. I’ve got warm crumpets and hot chocolate (made with water) (but also marshmallows) and I am looking out at the sunshiney street outside with a blanket on my legs and a Greek translation that isn’t in til Monday.

I’ve found this week quite hard. The combination of the nastiest essay I’ve had so far and the looming fear of today’s term test has been a big enough weight to make me panicky and self-doubty since Monday. But there have been some fun bits too – the Union’s comedy debate on Monday especially, where the Cambridge Footlights were going up against the Oxford Revue on the motion of ‘THBT food is better than sex’. If only all debates were like that.

Last night was also lovely, as our little group went to Costa for hot chocolate before choir practice, then Mat and Lou and Emma came along to evensong too. I so often find myself on the verge of tears in those services, and the same with Compline on Tuesday. Midweek that’s the best kind of peace I get, and even though I try to retain that feeling all the time it so often doesn’t last. Last night as our anthem we sang Verdi’s Ave Maria from his Quattro Pezzi Sacri, and it was so cathartic.

I’d been hoping to get to the choir curry after the service, we’d arranged a swap with Jesus choir, but I didn’t feel brave enough to go out considering I hadn’t revised much for today’s test. So yeah, Lou and I came back here and had a principle parts fest instead, and later on Mat and Emma returned and we did slightly less work and slightly more haribo-eating and Facebook-stalking and suchlike. It was an awesomely fun evening, and having Lou sleep over is super nice too.

So yes. Time to get down to this Greek translation and then try to catch the Natsci horde as they go into lunch. Eating lunch in college is such a novelty.

Wednesday November 14, 2007

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I am eating crumpets for tea dinner. Off to choir as soon as I finish chewing but I just had to tell someone how very English I feel.

This essay is killing me, as are you. But I shall get over both eventually. One significantly faster than the other, thanks to it having a 6pm tomorrow deadline.

9pm edit: Ahahah, Helen has just rushed in to get a page reference from a book I’m using for essay and rushed out again. she has quoted precisely the same two sentences that I just did.

Tuesday November 13, 2007

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Monday November 12, 2007

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DB’s Latin prose comp, sentence #8: “If they have conspired against the state they deserve to be punished; if not, punishment would still be amusing.”


Sunday November 11, 2007

the best thing we’ve ever seen;

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I have had such a good weekend. And it began like, Thursday evening. I think we started out in Mat’s room until 11pm, then Pintered at Queen’s, which was actually really entertaining despite being weird and Pintery. Then, Friday, Lou and I skipped our early classes and braved those mountain passes, so I had a fantastic morning of sleeeep and then lunch at Caffe Nerd and a linguistics supervision at Pembroke <3

And Friday evening was awesomely fun too, 13 of us went all nicely-dressed to formal (some Christians, some classicists… and a really odd Oriental Studies girl from Clare, but let’s not talk about her) then Christ’s bar then, randomly, Queen’s bar, then back to Mat’s for hot chocolate and chatter.

Then yesterday and today I have done very little work but seen my parents for lunch (twice), and spent a lot of time seeing friends and drinking hot chocolate til late. Also got some Cicero books out of the library for this week’s essay. After that I had been meaning to work but sortof failed; I bought some Purcell solo voice music per Ghislaine’s instructions, met Mat in Sainsbury’s and went back to his room for tea, then by the time that had all happened it was getting close to 6 and Lou and George arrived and we went for dinner… then there was a pub quiz (we lost) and a bit of poker (we lost) and some time spent in Jesus’ Bar/Mat’s room (everybody won).

Anyway. Half an hour before next choir practice (already did 2 and a half hours’ singing this morning, ahahah) and then it’s evensong and then I think we’re going to see Bridget Jones’ Diary at the union. Oh work, why do you not happen.

Thursday November 8, 2007

it’s bad enough we get along so well;

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Ahhh. I finished (ish) my essay in time for bed around 3, so I just about managed to get up again at 8:30 in time for the 9 o’clock class. It was a very close thing, though; bed’s siren-call gets stronger every day. And sadly a few minutes after 9 when we were all wearily congregated outside the room and wondering where she’d got to, Rose wandered up told us she was ill and the lesson was cancelled, at which point I decided that God was making fun of me and went to the fac library to read books about the vocular/consonantal properties of i and u in Latin. I don’t really mind. I was quite proud of myself for actually getting there, ahah.

I don’t have any more work to do today, unless you count the 150 lines of Odyssey set for tomorrow’s reading class, and I don’t. At 4, Mat, and I (and probably co) are going over to the newly-opened John Lewis store just next to Christ’s to have tea/coffee/bras in their ‘brasserie’. not a type of underwear, apparently. Then I have choir practice and evensong til 7:30, then at some point Lou is coming over, then at 11 we’re going over to Queen’s to see a Pinter play that (Bryanston) Joe’s directing – The Collection.

The best thing about essay panic and sleep deprivation is that when it’s over and the essay is handed in, there is nothing nicer than just… stopping. I can’t describe how good that feels. Reminds me of philosophy supervision yesterday, where Sedley was talking about Epicurus, who despite being a hedonist (in the philosophical sense) led as sparse and as simple a life as possible, because then the smallest things would be pleasureable. For me, getting back from lectures this morning to a quiet room and taking my hoodie off and putting my bag down on the floor felt so incredibly good.

suddenly realised:

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Welll, I might die of sleep deprivation, but at least I’ll die happy and accomplished. Or, yknow, kill myself because I need to get up so early tomorrow. Thursday morning will be fun. Think I’ll put pyjamas on and then carry on with this essay. It’s quite interesting really, and I’m in a better mood now than I have been for all of this quite unpleasant day. May as well capitalise.

Bought a pint of milk from Sainsbury’s at 8 after getting out of choir and realising I hadn’t yet eaten, and now it’s all gone. I think that was 3 glasses and two mugs of tea. Goes well with chocolate fingers.

Tonight is slightly bizarre, Helen came round for a bit and danced a little then went away again, only to text soon afterwards about finding an amusingly appropriate chapter talking about Greek stress. Texted her back to confirm that she is a raving loon. and Mat has been poking me with his badminton racket for about the last hour.

Lost my thread now. Oh wait, that was two hours ago. Back to talking about monographs. And long and short vowels – or rather, the lack. Shocking!, I know.

Wednesday November 7, 2007

can you ever see me

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When you say goodbye
My lungs ache, filled with water

Emiliana Torrini came onto my mp3 player this morning while I was rushing to Odyssey reading class. those beautiful lines just came back to me now, though I had substituted goodnight in my head.

Had compline at 10 tonight, a really select choir (but still with all the parts for Tallis’ ‘O Nata Lux’) but a congregation of five, larger than usual. it was very pretty. Only lasted about twenty minutes, I guess, but I’ve only just got back from the hot chocolate session afterwards. It’s a lot of time to take off work right now, but I so needed it.

Looking forward to philosophy supervision being over tomorrow, because then I can stop ‘thinking hard about Plato’, which was basically our philosophy supervision brief, and focus on a linguistics essay that’s in for Thursday afternoon. Having more than one essay/’big’ topic a week has ruined my work ethic; normally I start the week’s essay over the weekend… I’ll pull an all-nighter tomorrow if needs be.

However much time I spend with you just won’t be enough. I don’t know what that means, but I know it’s true. I am trying to accept it.

Tuesday November 6, 2007


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Just got back far-too-late from Fireworks/drinks at Jesus/Sainsbury’s/tea-drinking at Jesus to realise that my 9 o’clock start in the morning is actually a 10 o’clock one because it is now week 5 and I don’t have Greek Linguistic Structures classes anymore. Blessed blessed relief.

Sure it’s only one hour and technically I would have liked to be in bed two hours ago to get that early night I’ve been craving, but I take what I can get. It’s been a lovely evening, watching the fireworks with people and meeting Ev (!!) and making pipe-dream plans to go stay at Mat’s house in France over the summer.

It is a great life if you don’t weaken. This is this week’s (/month’s/year’s) motto.

Monday November 5, 2007

and i shall not walk alone;

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Got about two hours before Lou comes over. Why do I never get as much work done as I intend to? Mat came over for about half an hour, which was distracting, and I also have fudge, which is more distracting still. <3 Guess I should drop this Plato now and do the urgent things instead.

This weekend was good. Don’t really want to talk about it, it’s between the two of us really. But we had a lovely evening on Friday after Chris arrived, first at freshers’ concert then at Mat’s with Jon and Emma too, playing cards and chatting and stuff. And Saturday evening was lovely too, we had a slightly larger group of 8 (later 9) to eat pasta and play poker and all that other fun stuff. I realise now how very similar my friends at home and my friends here are, and that makes me glad, really.

I was a bit of a wreck yesterday evening, and didn’t really get any work done even though I was home alone for about three hours after choir practice and evensong and formal had finished. I’d closed my door to have some privacy when I got back from formal, then felt all sad and lonely because I missed Chris and because Mat and Emma hadn’t come round to visit when they’d got back from seeing their film, as they usually do… ironically Mat actually had, but my door being closed had put him off.

Anyways. I need to do some singing and ideally 100L of Odyssey. When Lou gets here we’re off to dinner and then on to watch fireworks on Midsummer Common. <3

There are a lot of songs I’m not going to be able to listen to for a long time.

You could be happy, I hope you are
You made me happier than I’d been by far

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