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Monday December 17, 2007

get gotten.

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Yesterday’s Christingle service cheered me up immensely. I was vaguely involved, playing melody lines on the violin against Chris on piano so that the congregation had something to follow. It worked really nicely too, so we might see about doing it again in the crib service on Christmas eve. The service itself was really beautiful, I am a sucker for candles and when they are candles held by lots of cute kids singing a tuneless Away in the Manger in a wide ring all around a darkened church I become very happy indeed. And I got to see Suuz, who has just got back for Christmas, so it was rather awesome really.

Only got up a few hours ago, feeling a bit mergh, but in a bit Mum and I are going to visit Gravestock house so that cheer us both up. Only for an hour though, she’s tired out and wants some quiet time. and I need to get back here and translate things.

TOMORROW Jon is coming to visit us =D I’m picking up Lou first then we’re going to get him from Loughborough station and take him to Noodle Bar, then come back here and hang out and watch films. Should be really nice.


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