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Wednesday December 19, 2007

through to the other side

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I passed over this poem earlier because I thought it was trite and cheesy, but reading it again just now I think I got it. Or it got me. It’s called ‘What do I want for Christmas?’ I think the last two lines are beautiful.

I’ve had a nice last few days, though nothing noteworthy. I’ve established a set minimum of work each day, and often all I’m managing is that minimum, but it’s some kind of progress at least. I’ve been mostly at home, with work and baking and other Christmas preparations (yays), but yesterday Lou and I had Jon over for the day, which was great fun and entirely unproductive, and tonight Lou, Stu, Paul and I went out to dinner at ‘fantasy island’ (Dad’s name not theirs), staple restaurant of my family. The food was yummy and the company was too – albeit occasionally quite rude, my fragile sensibilities were very offended – so we had a very nice time.

Sam’s off his caveman diet today, which is the good news – but he’s now off wheat for the next 4 months at least. Which is the bad news, considering we had hoped this would just be temporary and he’d been getting through this month sustained by the thought of a cheese sandwich at the end of it. He took it extremely well, but I wouldn’t blame him if that changes soon. He’s got no logical choice about it, though, so we’ll have to see how it goes.

Some other stuff I want to say but it doesn’t really belong where anyone can read it. I need to change something, and it doesn’t say much for me as a person if I can’t.


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