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Sunday December 23, 2007

all you have to do is

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Ahah, so I kindof thought I’d be sleepy this evening, as I fell asleep late last night and got up (relatively) early this morning, but it would appear that it doesn’t work like that. Clearly I should’ve slept when I felt like it at 8. But I hadn’t done enough work and I’d have missed the news. Ahh, how crazy and awesome my life is.

I feel a little like a stray right now. I do feel quite lonely in Ashby nowadays, even though there’s family around and scattered friends too. And it’s not anyone else’s lookout but my own, and that’s only right, but what I miss so much from Cambridge is… having a group of friends to hang out with. I suppose leaving school kindof naturally ended one friendship group, and if leaving didn’t then a break-up certainly did. break-ups always seem to be the culprits.

I’m talking crap again. I love the way all my sad moods stem from the very predictable causes of missing a boy and feeling kindof isolated at 1:30 in the morning. But somehow even though I can detect the reasons and kindof want to mock myself for them it doesn’t change the fact that tonight tears are welling up for the first time since… this time last month, to about an hour. Happy anniversary.


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