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Monday December 29, 2008

flatlined inhibition

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So I went shopping with my Mum today, we went to Birmingham’s Bullring for the sales. It was fun! And busy, omg.  It was lovely to spend some time just the two of us, though; even though we’re both at home all the time at the moment, I’m normally in my room translating dead languages and she’s normally everywhere else doing… everything else. Today we had lots of time to chat, which was unusual and nice.

She also told me all about family/BT warfare that I missed while away last term: basically, we had some builders in who accidentally cut like, a metre out of our phoneline, and Mum was trying to get BT to come and help us out. Right now it’s still not been fixed, and this is largely down to their firm belief that the problem is at their centre and not at um, the massive new gap in our cable. My mother told them this lots of times, she says. “I called them, I wrote them emails, I left rude messages on their website.” Mum’s never used a swearword in her life, so this image of Mum As BT Internet Hooligan totally amused me. <3

So yeah, tonight I have all my work to catch up on and our epic game of Settlers to finish. And Mat’s coming tomorrow! Question is, do I wear my new purple jeans or my new red ones? I am not kidding, they are best ever. I had to queue for twenty minutes, (thanks Next,) but I do not care because they are cool. I also got caramel and gingerbread coffee syrups from Whittard’s (eeee) and new wall /daily desk calendars. I’m a happy girl. Again.


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