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Tuesday January 6, 2009

a sound for no-one

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Now this is really silly. Rehearsal finished early this evening, so instead of going out with the others I thought I’d come back here, take a shower, do some work. But now I’ve been back for over an hour and I can’t bring myself to move from my desk chair and this blanket, which is offering the most warmth I could get in here. Holding a book or taking a shower doesn’t bear thinking about. I’m going to leave my hairdryer on for ten minutes and then see if I can face washing my hair in the sink.

The girls’ chorus rehearsals went well today! Especially the music one, because yknow, we are good at singing. But then this evening we had improv games and characterisation practice, the thought of which wigs me out on principle. Then again, the reality of which could have been worse. We’ve sorted out some ‘routine’ improv, anyway, so there’s not that panic of your mind going blank at inconvenient moments.

Also, I’ve realised something: this is what I asked for. I said, wow, I kindof want to do some things that challenge and scare me, and now, this is what I’ve got, and it’s not completely beaten me. I’m also managing that ‘do one thing that scares you every day’, which I’ve always approved of but have never had the opportunities, because actually I’m a big cowardly avoider. Today I did five, at least, and I’m still here, and I’m lonely and cold but I did this. I’m doing it. And now I’m going to let go for a little while, and then perhaps I’ll call my boyfriend and tell him I love him.

edit: Oh AND, I also learnt this game where you crawl around on the floor pretending to be amoebas and evolution is decided by rock paper scissors. The five levels of evolutionary development are amoebas, snakes, bunnies (bunnies),  birds and elephants. I might make people play it at my birthday party.

edit #2: Also, we need to learn how to Viennese waltz by February. It looks easy until you watch their feet.


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