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Friday January 16, 2009

take the fight from the kid

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So, I did have a good birthday in the end. Really good, in fact.

Since then, things have been getting increasingly busy, and by midnight yesterday I’d turned into a bit of a zombie, forgetting things like basic vocabulary (though I still knew the words for ‘Achilles Tatius’ and rehearsal’) and not being able to button up my pajama top correctly. I didn’t even pack my bag for the following day before falling into bed, which I’ve only just realised is one of a large number of anally organised habits I’ve developed. (lols, sounds wrong.)

ANYWAY. I am at least overly-busy with Really Good Stuff: Emily’s now in choir, which makes me really happy, Iolanthe rehearsals are draining but filled with good humour and nice people, lectures are (so far) genuinely interesting and thought-provoking and I’m staying on top of my work. Hurrah! The fact that this feels like an achievement after two days of term is maybe a Bad Sign, but whatever. I’m doing well.

I’m also in a stupidly good mood today, the reasons for which I wanted to record for later [prefix]spection. I’m feeling a bit different today, a bit stronger and a bit newer and a bit more sure of where I’m going.

Oh and, tonight lots of us are going to see Hamlet at the ADC. It should be good! I have never seen, studied or read Hamlet, something I find really embarrassing and am really glad I can now rectify. This version’s had some good reviews and is now sold out, so it should be a good show. Before that, we’re cooking. At mine. Because, yknow, I’ve got a room with floorspace now. WIN.


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