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Tuesday February 17, 2009

sleepy as the south

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So! It’s a week since I lasted posted, and rather little has happened. The week went as the optimists expected: we all lived in the Arts Theatre in varying states of impatience and gaudy makeup, we did seven more successful performances, my family and friends came to see it (eeee), some of my supervisors came to see it (eeep), and every time the curtain went down we were back to dancing silent and ridiculous on the dark stage. It went well, but it was exhausting; by the time the get-out had finished, late Saturday evening, I didn’t have any energy left for letting off steam at the after-party. Matt and I came home and slept instead, and it was such a relief.

Now I’m on the other side, and suddenly I have more free time than I have all term. It’s wonderful. When I say ‘free time’, I mean ‘free time for work’, but that’s not a bad thing. Thursday last week, I did two shows and stayed up working until 4am to get an adequate history essay in on time, and it was still literally six times shorter than Farzin’s behemoth. Believe me when I say I am delighted to be able to write my essays in daylight from now on. This afternoon I sat in Costa for three hours, reading Statius at leisure and writing copious notes.

The other event worth mentioning is that I had my Halfway Hall last night. It was a really lovely occasion, actually; we were sitting in subject groups so I got to listen to DB mocking people and to discuss life and the benefits of longterm relationships with Farzin. Apparently I seem to be a well put-together individual. Who knew?

Anyway, I’ve a meeting at 5, so now I need to send off some emails to t-shirt companies, put my valentine roses in a vase (which I bought today – another free time hooray) and further consider the ramifications of Achilles being a transvestite. Yes, I really like the Achilleid.


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