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Friday February 20, 2009

wearing purple, wearing purple

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So yeah, this week has been going really well for me. Post-Iolanthe, anything was going to feel like a wonderful rest, but this week has especially, and a lot of lovely things have been going on.

My essay topic this week was especially awesome, which has a surprisingly big effect on my general wellbeing (lol lame). I am inquiring and diligent to the point of obsession on big jobs like essays, and I tend to live a topic until I get a new one. This week it was Statius, the Achilleid and crossdressing, which culminated in a fascinating supervision yesterday where we talked about androgyny and beauty and how far was too far in the feminisation of one of epic’s most manly heroes. If I were to do a dissertation, it would probably be about this. Portraits of gender in a society where the only portraits are by men, for men, about men…

The Classics Society also had a really successful event on Wednesday night – we each invited a Latin/Greek teacher from our old schools to say thank you and tell them how awesome our college is and how it’s now the biggest one for Classics in the entire university. (This was a mildly calculated access event.) I didn’t manage to bring my own teacher, so I was largely superfluous, but it was a fun event anyway and afterwards I stayed up until the early hours with some people I didn’t know well before and now can’t imagine why not. It was very lovely.

Anyway, I have formal this evening with friends and two of Matt’s sisters who are visiting, so I should go do some reading for next week’s obsession and then get ready for that. Did you know that trombonists are more likely to pronounce the first vowel as schwa than ordinary people are? Sound change is a fascinating thing.


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