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Monday March 2, 2009

portraits of the self in the attempts to absorb classical scholarship and respond with a modicum of intellectual worth

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When I read Plutarch’s Conjugalia Praecepta (‘Advice to the Bride and Groom’) I was first enraged by how sexist it was. Yes, unsurprising. When I began reading Pomeroy’s commentary, I was struck by how actually, Plutarch’s pretty foreward-thinking: the woman might actually enjoy sex, she should enjoy men’s company, she has the capacity to be taught… that’s getting towards a pretty good construal/construction of a balanced relationship. Then I continued reading the commentary, noted how much advice is aimed at the bride (over half) and its nature (she needs lots more improvement) and realised there is a reason he is writing all this stuff down. Then I recognised him as the moralising, misogynistic traditionalist he really is and got enraged again.

lols, tldr. But I need to write some of this stuff down somewhere, and I need to pull an essay out of somewhere before 5pm tomorrow and it needs to be fit my beardy intellectual giant of a supervisor. right now I have so many thoughts and nothing to hang them off. and I’m still reading.


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