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Thursday June 18, 2009

direct my path.

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I can’t really say
Why everybody wishes they were somewhere else
But in the end, the only steps that matter
Are the ones you take all by yourself

I’m on an eternal, sometimes painful learning curve. But whatever I don’t yet know, the worst times are when I forget the value of things that are truly constant. Sometimes it takes a bit of hurt and frustration to show me where I take my strength from.

Sunday June 14, 2009

let’s hear it for, let’s hear it

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Not having to close the curtains to get ready for a party.

Second floor, let me count the ways.

Thursday June 11, 2009

cock it and pull it

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It’s finally done.

Problems in my life? Right now, not a single one. I thought this during exams too, but for now especially: I’m a very, very lucky girl.

Tuesday June 9, 2009

my serious face.

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The BNP seeks repatriation of non-whites, white preference in housing, education and jobs and condemns mixed-race relationships, claiming them to be immoral and abnormal. This shit is bananas.

Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons do not represent me.

Add your voice.

Monday June 8, 2009

when it’s all over

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No I gotta be someone else
These days it comes it comes it comes
it comes it comes then goes

Phoenix – Lisztomania

Sunday June 7, 2009

slowly discourage

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Just wrote functioniniong. I had two glasses of champagne three hours ago and I think I’m still feeling the effects. Oh exam term, the things you do to me.

I am trying to develop exam zen for tomorrow. My memory ain’t bottomless, and there’s only so much history I can learn when I don’t know what’s going to come up. But if we get bad questions, well, I might not be able to write a thing. exam zen is what I need. And maybe some more notes on Sparta…

how we made it through the night

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Sleepless in Cambridge?

During exams I envy Ted the most.

Currently wondering if I can get away with describing Alexander the Great as ‘Harry Potter of the ancient world’. A heavy legacy thrust on his shoulders at the age of sixteen, vowing a holy war against the greatest evil of the known world…

dead before 33 with alcohol poisoning

Friday June 5, 2009

run for your children

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The whole year bombed that one. They’ll have to lower the grade boundaries.


ps. I had to fish the paper out of the bin to take this photo. It’s back in there now.

Thursday June 4, 2009

big jumps

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Also ft. my beloved purple ‘granny’ trousers.

met you in a sandbox

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Eee, three (/five) exams down, three to go! Tomorrow’s we can’t revise much for as it’s five Latin translations written by random authors, so I’m lacking in concentration this afternoon after a long post-exam lunch with friends, and I’m sitting around listening to acoustic guitar and vaguely reading old supervision notes. and wandering around in my new red shoes. Eeee! I’m not one for heels but these are surprisingly comfy. and I’ve never been the kind of girl to take joy in shoes but ahhh, these are red and lovely. If they match my May Ball dress when I try it on later I won’t be able to get any happier.

I had an email from Mum telling me what fun my family have been up to and how many awesome things they saw on their game drive. Grandad arrived back yesterday and sent one saying the same. But hey, I have Latin translations to keep me entertained, I don’t need… baby cheetahs. Two weeks tomorrow they got home and come pick me up for the summer.

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