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Wednesday August 19, 2009

what can’t be decided

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I’m having a nice, abnormal day. I got up early (Paul was staying over and he slept in, which is an amusing role reversal), I’ve walked into town and back in the sunshine. I’ve eaten a lot of fruit* \o/

I like walking, as it’s when I listen properly to music. I do my best thinking then, too, and that’s my agreed occupation at the moment, after all. My mp3 player is a bit of a memory capsule as it’s got some things on it that I’ve long since purged from my computer. I’m one of those terrible people who never listens to full albums, too, so it’s entertaining to randomise the few thousand songs on there and see what comes up. It tends to survive break-up purges, too, so it’s also the final resting place of songs given to me by people I don’t see anymore. Unless they had bad taste.

I heard Stars today and remembered how much I like them. Their fourth album is less glamorous and more moody than their third, which I loved (obsessively, after hearing Your Ex-Lover Is Dead), but everything they do is eloquent and inventive. dudes have tempo changes. Midnight Coward is a great one that I listened to properly today, possibly for the first time, and the two-vocalists-as-dialogue works really well in it.

Speaking of eloquent, this one isn’t. Loosey by THE STRiPES is the opening song of Burst Angel, an anime Sam’s been watching recently. I tend to have my back to the tv as he does this so I know nothing about it, but the music’s incredible. If you’re not familiar with J-rock, this song is everything you need to know. “lucky chance dance get dance groovin’ in a house, SHOUZE!”. my heart.

*Sometimes I think I should blog a normal day, just for personal posterity, but it might be even more mundane.


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