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Saturday August 22, 2009

below the hill

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Weddings always make me happy. They rarely make me think so hard. It’s impossible not to imagine your own and compare aspects, and I normally do this especially when eyeing up dress choices – pretty, but the train was excessive – and music selection – saccharine wedding hymns, but Taverner’s lamb and Stanford’s Bluebird, which is the most beautiful vocal music I know. Nowadays I also think of what the words mean, and to whom I could ever say them.

Nowadays I shake in figurative boots at the thought of going through it. I find other people’s weddings immense and overwhelming. the only way I would make it all the way through my own would be by marrying somebody I felt nothing for. I told Susannah I didn’t want to have a wedding and she said she wouldn’t mind that part of marriage but she’d hate having a husband. Considering recent events in her life, this is especially amusing.

Anyway. Brian does weddings well, and he doesn’t fill his sermon with platitudes and gumph. Today he spoke about space and togetherness in marriage, centring on Khalil Gibran’s poem On Marriage and the final line, “and the oak tree and the cypress grow not in each other’s shadow”. But then, they do grow side by side. “for two to become the same person is to make one redundant.” I heard some things today that did me good. and last night I spoke some things out loud that did me good too, so thank you.

Another thought that occurred to me during the service (less relevant, which says something for my attention span): God doesn’t need long words in prayer. When we pray about a situation, he doesn’t need us to list the detailed particulars of how he could help and what he could change; he kindof knows that all already. In terms of what God requires, much of the traditional Anglican service is redundant: we don’t need to do anything but ask. On the other hand, being wordy isn’t a self-indulgence or a distraction from the request; it doesn’t help or comfort anyone but ourselves, but that’s kindof the point. I know I always feel better and clearer about things after talking them over with a friend.

Settlers nearly got down to cracking skulls tonight. game is infuriating.


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