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Saturday October 31, 2009

every morning i’ve got a new chance

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Oh man, Nano starts in four hours. Ev and I had an incredible planning session last night where we wrote out all our characters on postits and wrote ridiculous scenarios down on more postits and then threw them at each other. I really need to re-set out all my paper and photograph it. Hang on.

Damn, I appear to have lost my camera. ANYWAY, she gave me things like “Someone gets poisoned!” and “KIDNAPPING” and I gave her “Someone loses a pet (death or literal loss)” and “Accidental theft”. (We both wrote some nice events too, but they’re less interesting somehow.) Somewhere along the way I picked up 28 pieces of paper and things started to gel and now I (sortof) know where I’m going, which is a Good Thing. In a bid to include them all, I might even put buried treasure under the castle. It can keep the slash dragon company.

And speaking of, I’ve had Jess and Stu here for a few days and it was so so nice. Cambridge sucks you in sometimes, especially now, and it’s good to be reminded that there’s a bigger world out there with people who don’t think you’re a soulless demon girl. Well, they might, but they might like that kind of thing. Now they’re gone and my room is a bit quiet but I feel like a better person again.

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