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Friday January 15, 2010

every no turns into maybe

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I’ve been back for nearly a week now.

…the last time one week took this long was that time I went from Cambridge to London, to home, to London, to Athens, to London, to home. this time I’ve travelled, um, 100 miles max.

Anyway. I’m busy! Hooray! Lectures have started, so I’m getting up earlier, I’m singing Britten’s War Req in King’s tomorrow night, I’m taking myself and my laptop to the library tomorrow afternoon, I’m singing solos on Sunday that I’m determinedly not rehearsing (new step, I’m trying to outrun my neuroses) and then I’m dressing up and going to my first choir formal of term, where there will be the ritual humiliation of a ten-story-high happy birthday descant and enforced birthday kissing with the Milton statue. I’ll try to make sure I’ve had a glass of wine by that point.

in other news, my team’s manager is being investigated for tax evasion and the pretty blond one is out for at least six weeks with a knee injury. when football and offensively sexist advertising are the only things getting me down, I know I’m doing alright.


  1. the quest to shame hetty’s footballing heroes continues!

    i discovered some images of torres dating back from when he played for atletico. he’s not always been ‘the pretty blond one’! there’s the ill-advised mullet:

    and the chavtastic shaved head:

    take your pick! :D

    Comment by rootpot — Sunday January 17, 2010 @ 9:46 am |Reply

  2. ahahah, so that second photo is sortof unfortunate, but he’s easily the prettiest chav I’ve ever seen. and the more I look at it, the more I kindof like the mullet… though it could be because it’s a profile pic (so to speak) and his profile is LOVELY.

    to summarise: give it up. fernando/hetty otp :DD

    (also, did you see motd last night? if not, here is the only highlight you need – )

    Comment by hesternal — Sunday January 17, 2010 @ 4:30 pm |Reply

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