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Sunday February 28, 2010

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:) :) :)

I just met a nice guy.

and that concert went really well.

and now I’m free. <3 it’s been an emotionally fulfilling day.


Tuesday February 23, 2010

fill it up again

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HALLO. Here is an update on my life, with added positive spin.

  • I bought this cardigan on Sunday and it made me very happy. It is loose and flowy and the softest thing I have ever owned, oh my goodness. and it’s blue, which, if you hadn’t noticed, I quite like wearing.
  • tomorrow I have three rehearsals in a row. that’s um, four or five hours. <////3 by comparison the rest of the week will be easy.
  • I am coughing roughly once every ten seconds. I’ve reunited myself with my leftover Pholcodine Linctus from last term, which is actually quite tasty.
  • off to bed soon, but not before I’ve read an article called ‘Engendering Women’s Love Elegy’ in a book called Roman Literature and Ideology. dry stuff, but the cover is BRIGHT YELLOW so that’s a plus.

It’s at the stage of term where everyone I know here is convinced that they are faring the worst. Including me. It doesn’t help that it’s been snowing/raining all day. But little things keep reminding me of the funny side and that makes everything more tolerable. tonight in orchestra rehearsal we were doing a piece neither I nor my desk partner had practised. it was just about sight-readable, but sometimes we were getting stupid things wrong and I felt guilty because we were the only two first violins there. At one point our concentration was slipping and Emanuel came in very confidently, very out of tune and at entirely the wrong time, while nobody else was playing. I snorted loudly and then got the next bit entirely wrong and then we both cracked up. I couldn’t play properly because I was laughing too hard, and out of the corner of my eye I could see Emanuel shaking and trying to keep playing. our conductor looked a bit bemused, but it made a nice change from getting grumpy and stressed. It’s only music.

Friday February 19, 2010

secretly on your side

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A week ago today, Lou and I went to see Imogen Heap. She was really awesome.

I just remembered this because at the moment I’m trying to sort publicity for a big scary concert we’re putting on next weekend, and I was on Varsity’s website to look up advertising things. I found their review of the gig, which I think sums it up quite nicely if you ignore the flowery language.

It also reminded me to look up one of the songs she did as an encore (along with the requisite Hide and Seek), which I think was the only one I didn’t recognise in her set. It’s called Just For Now, and it’s nice live because she splits the crowd into three and gets them to sing some of the layers which she’d otherwise do on loops. (There’s a really good video of her doing it herself here.) I really love how she builds up songs, and watching her do it was really fun. The best part is that now I put Ellipse on and I listen to her songs in a way that I didn’t before.

It’s been a tiring and fairly grumpymaking week. I am now in that dark swirling vortex of busyness that I predicted two weeks ago. Fortunately, almost everyone I know is in exactly the same state. we get by.

Saturday February 13, 2010

hello seattle.

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I’ve had the most productive day I can remember. let me tell you about it.

  1. I found a dissertation title. finally. I made a big mistake by reading around the topic before doing that, because now in order to get a cohesive theme I’ve had to cut out an entire text I’ve done a lot of work on. But I’ve made that hard decision and now I just have to read a lot to catch up, so that’s a start.
  2. I accosted library boy (politely) and had coffee with him. OH YES. He’s nice, smart, funny and even more beautiful at close range (and omg we’re both writing theses on Ovid), but for some reason having a conversation long enough to establish these things makes me much more level-headed about him. (ahahah, well, a little.) Regardless of whether anything comes of it, I did a brave thing and made a move. and that is that.
  3. I went to a pub quiz tonight and was the only one in the room who knew the answer to the question, ‘If my Gyarados uses Dragon Rage against a grass type pokemon, how much damage will it do?’

conclusion: awesome.

Monday February 8, 2010

sneaky in suburbia

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Ahahah. so I was going to introduce this post with “hi guys, it’s been a while”, only to remember that actually… it hasn’t. Last post was after Sunday formal, okay, and I was evidently at the loquacious but forgetful stage.

Anyway, it occurred to me just now that I’d like to share a few links to blogs I like reading, and if other people wanted to do a similar post of their own and comment with a link, that’d be fun. we could MAKE A MEME. I’ve never made a meme before, how exciting. Here’s my five links.

  1. Elinkan is a 19-year old Swedish girl with a very kitsch/perky fashion sense. nothing she wears would ever suit me but she takes great photos and I love her use of colour.
  2. the selby is basically ‘house porn’, to steal a phrase from second cutest choirboy. people with exciting taste and the exciting places they live.
  3. feministing is the best blog I know for news/commentary on feminist issues.
  4. sex is not the enemy is a lovely photo/quotes blog representing real, diverse sexuality. pro-LGBT and anti-stereotype. not remotely worksafe.
  5. thekitchn is a food/recipe blog. lots of lovely photos and recipes and links.

Sunday February 7, 2010

strength in my bones

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One of my favourite bible passages got read in evensong today. By Emily, incidentally, who is a really great reader. I guess most poets are. This is Matthew 6, 25-8.

“Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes? Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?”

It’s week four and I feel like term’s rolling its sleeves up. In a few weeks’ time, our music society is putting on the most ambitious concert in – well, at least five years, and actually I think it could be the most ambitious ever. We’re doing Carmina Burana (among other things, ahahah ha ha ha) and even in its reduced format this needs two choirs, two grand pianos, five percussionists and some incredibly good soloists. From next week, I’ll be attending rehearsals for the choir, the semi-chorus and the orchestra, and as publicity officer I’ll be designing a professional-looking poster and flyers, arranging to have them printed and making sure that everyone hears about it and decides they really need to buy tickets…

Course-wise, I need to finish my theology coursework and my dissertation, which I’ve not worked on since last term. This constitutes 50% of my final mark. I also have an essay deadline every week, I still need to finish the overhaul of our music society website, and I’m still going to have seven hours of choir a week, not including solo practice and preparation for lessons. This is the minimum; I also need to take up any slack about this massive concert and make sure Matt, our conductors and the other committee members aren’t going crazy.

I guess what I am saying is, this passage means a lot to me and always has. with me it’s always a matter of perspective. Whenever I start getting grumpy I remind myself, I am the luckiest person I know. it’s been a long time since I’ve doubted that.

Monday February 1, 2010

if my intentions stray

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Hi all. Let me tell you about my big fail in the library today.

I have told Emily about library boy. She doesn’t normally work in the library like I do, but she came in today to check him out and pass judgement. He wasn’t sitting nearby, but it’s always pretty obvious when you’re talking in the library (and I hate it when other people do it) so I grabbed my essay plan, scribbled “blond highlights, grey sweater” at the bottom of the page and sent her over to the other side of the library, past his table, to put a book back for me.

This worked like a charm. She kept a straight face (just about), got a good look at him, passed her approval (quietly) and left me to get on with things. sly! cunning!

A few hours later, that boy sat down at the same table as me to use his laptop (the library has a different area for this; tapping and whirring is distracting). His presence was also distracting, but recently I have become very good at pretending to concentrate. It was only ten minutes after that when it occurred to me that my essay plan was lying on the space of table between us and still bore a description of the clothes he was currently wearing.

I think I am not very good at subterfuge.

In other news, I got some admin and misc. errands sorted this weekend. and laundry! My room smells amazing right now.

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