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Thursday June 24, 2010

and nightly remind me

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things have happened recently and continue to do so. more on this to follow.

I watched a pretty great England match today. My FAVOURITE <333333 scored a goal of great significance, and now his photo is everywhere I look. But the best moment, hands down:

Wednesday June 9, 2010

the delinquency of time

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Almost all exams are over now. I finished last Wednesday, one of the earliest, and I promptly fled to West Sussex with George. Everything was sunny and green and we spent a lot of time in lovely light-flecked undergrowth. photo evidence:

George’s mother also fed us the largest Sunday breakfast I’ve ever had. I confessed that my normal breakfast, when I had breakfast, was a cup of coffee, and her eyebrows got very very high.

Since returning, I’ve done quite a lot of nothing. I tried (and failed) to spray Lou with champagne after her exam on Monday, mostly getting my left foot instead. that afternoon I found my ball dress, which is cobalt blue and has SEQUINS on \o/ yesterday I reread my thesis and attended its viva, which marks the official end of my degree… then I spent the afternoon lying in bed, watching the last five episodes of first-season Fringe. (gross but awesome.)

Oh, also, I’m reading my first (modern) book of the year. Art and Lies. I read Sexing the Cherry last year and loved it, and a few weeks ago, bogged down with revision, going into Heffers and buying something non-Classical was the closest thing I could get to rebellion. This one’s even less linear than Sexing, though, so I’m glad I didn’t read it first. But, as Winterson says, “Why should literature be easy?” and “It’s a book, not a crime.” Anyway, one of the three voices is Sappho, who is at least nominally the immortal Greek poet, and she keeps speaking in metaphors of beachsand and haruspicy. Apparently Classics is hard to get away from.

Tomorrow I’m going home for a bit, to watch world cup football with Sam and basically laze around in a different location. I’d say something of more substance but that would involve like, doing stuff, or possibly having something to complain about.

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