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Wednesday September 29, 2010

the other girl is not like me

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Ahhh I was just googling Christ’s MCR (because, yknow, if you’re invited to a mingle with free cocktails and ‘nibbles’, it helps to know where you’re going), and google says “did you mean christ’s jcr?”

that’s so perspicacious of you, google. yes, yes I did.

I’ve read the entire mcr freshers’ handbook and I still don’t know where it actually is.

Monday September 27, 2010

my best theory

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Hi blog.

It’s been much too long and summarising would be tedious. Only, I’d like to list some things that I’ve learnt about myself this year. It’s not that I’ve only just learnt them, but that I’ve only just sortof realised that these are things I love and it’s not just that they’re universally loveable. Here is my list as it runs so far, in the back of my diary:

  • hammocks
  • Radio 4 podcasts
  • baby animals (bats, hedgehogs)
  • vanilla
  • coffee
  • mushrooms
  • George’s kitten face
  • education theory
  • Latin
  • grammar
  • Latin grammar


Some of these have been combined this evening as I have been watching a really charming BBC documentary called Britain’s Youngest Boarders, which involves some precocious boys at a boarding prep school called Sunningdale. They take boarders as young as 7, as many prep schools do (though I was only aware of this beforehand through George’s unhappy time at a similar school). The reality is a different thing altogether, though, as these children are like, tiny. These children are just children.

I can see it teaches kids stuff about being independent and successful; the boys I know from top public schools have all been confident, accomplished and good at putting themselves forward. but then I see scenes from this documentary of intense and tearful reunions with parents, and I remember George’s accounts of having to be forcibly removed from his mother at the start of term, and I wonder about that. I’m not planning children anytime soon, but I do consider what I’d want for mine.

Anyway, the thing which really moved me to post was an error made consistently on the BBC subtitles where they talked about the boarders having a weekend exiat. oh no you didn’t, Red Bee Media Ltd.

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