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Thursday May 12, 2011

as it was in the beginning

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“Aside from technicalities, it’s important that you realise the agreement is binding in law and if you go blabbing about client details or try to profit from company secrets they can take you to court (for compensation and/or an order to stop you blabbing, not the sort of court where they send you to prison).”

Hello world. on Tuesday I had a job interview to which I wore a suit, and which resulted in a job offer. now I’m consulting my Dad about how to sign a non-disclosure agreement. and staying up past my bedtime, apparently.

Suddenly I feel very adult. I think it’s good to mark those moments in life which feel novel, before they become ordinary. One day, maybe a year from now, my life will seem as ordinary as it seems now, but it will be different in almost every way. I spent a lot of this afternoon writing about the immortalising powers of poetry –

exegi monumentum;

ergo etiam cum me supremus adederit ignis,
vivam, parsque mei multa superstes erit.

haec mihi in animis vestris templa, hae pulcherrimae effigies

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