Instructions for Dancing



January 12th: Miner’s Welfare, Moira – Kerfuffle

February 2nd: LGS Drama Studio – Kerfuffle

February 10th: Riverside Centre, Derby – Verra Cruz, Switchfoot

February 12th: Town Hall, Lough – Craig Campbell, Rich Hall

February 17th: The Charlotte, Leicester – Kalena, Puressence

February 26th: Assembly Rooms, Derby – The Fray, The Feeling

March 6th: Symphony Hall, Bham – Ludovico Einaudi

March 23rd: Drama Studio, LGS – SYLPH, Morning Thing, The Harringtons, Undercovers, Flowe

April 3rd: The Charlotte, Leicester – Far From West, Legion, SYLPH

April 5th: The Shed, Leicester – SYLPH, M48, John Budding, Jack Peachy, Pink Strip

April 22nd: Rock City, Nottingham – Amplifier, Porcupine Tree


January 6th: Polish Club, Lough – White Collar Army, Flowe, Morning Thing, Daisy’s Sweethearts, Guitar George

24th February: The Charlotte, Leicester – Stellastarr*

31st March: LGS Drama Studio – Kerfuffle

5th May: LGS Drama Studio – Newcell

12th May: Junktion 7, Leicester – White Collar Army

1st June: Carling Academy, Birmingham – The Goo Goo Dolls

26th June: The Charlotte, Leicester – WCA, Zil, OK Go

28th June: The Shed, Leicester – Newcell

13th July: Polish Club, Lough – Morning Thing, White Collar Army, Flowe

29th September: Polish Club, Lough – Flowe, Beat My Guest

10th October: The Shed, Leicester – Newcell

6th November: The Square, Leicester – Quartershade, Fight Fire With Water, Oceansize

27th November: DMH, Leicester – Lostprophets

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  1. Ooo Verra Cruz played at Greenbelt (they were on the little indoor stage, but rather awesome.)

    I’ve started compiling my own list… it’s surprisingly difficult to remember them all! (Chris J in P.O.M., Storyville when they started, Flowe’s first gig in the drama studio when Paul’s voice was all trebly heehee… all a bit hazy)

    Comment by John — Friday April 13, 2007 @ 9:02 pm |Reply

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